Yoga For Every Body As Powered By Ayurveda

International premium health and fitness club Virgin Active celebrates the launch of their Yoga For Every Body programme which gives members access to a personalised yoga journey rooted in Ayurveda. Steeped in tradition but built for the modern exerciser, this programme is a purposeful and personalised practice that’s designed to lengthen muscles, strengthen the mind and boost overall health and wellbeing, no matter how frequently you come to the mat – at the club or at home.

Determining one’s dosha

Mark Seeto, Global Head of Yoga and Reformer Pilates of Virgin Active, explained, “Everything we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell, including ourselves are made up of the 5 elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space. The balance or imbalance of these elements within us is what is known as our ‘dosha’ or constitution. There are three doshas that we are made of in varying degrees and each of us are unique in the way we are made up.”

Mark Seeto, Global Head of Yoga and Reformer Pilates of Virgin Active

Seeto added that those who are predominantly Vata (air and space) tend to have a light frame, creative and artistic, light-hearted but at times anxious. Pitta is made from fire, with a small amount of water; tends to be muscular, direct and organised, are charismatic but can be controlling. Kapha comes from water and earth; tends to be larger framed and are slow, steady, relaxed but find it really hard to let go and surrender.

Transitioning between body types

When we asked Seeto whether it is possible to transition from one body type to another after a while, he replied, “Yes and no. Our constitution when in balance, is our unique imprint which we are born with and this can’t be changed. But that unique balance can shift due to our environment, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and other life choices. So our dosha can change, but during times of imbalance; Ayurveda always looks to bring us back to our unique constitution.”

Doshas and the yoga classes

Virgin Active’s new programme begins with a personalised questionnaire to help yogis determine their dominant dosha (body type), helping them understand and identify their physical, mental and emotional imbalances in order for them to choose the style of yoga that best suits them.

There are three doshas – Pitta, Vata and Kapha and these correspond to the three styles of classes under the programme – Calm, Align and Flow.

Recommended for the Kapha Dosha
Yoga Flow, a one stop shop for dynamism, energy and athleticism, balances the Kapha dosha by increasing the elements of air and ether through the body system. With carefully crafted sequences of poses and challenges aplenty, this intense, purposeful and dynamic yoga creates a connection between breath and movement, while increasing strength, supporting muscle development and clearing your mind.
Recommended for the Vata Dosha
Yoga Align is a foundational class that gets practioners out of their heads and into their bodies – through technical precision, visual meditations, cooling breath practices, the usage of mantras and medium holds of poses. An exploration of all poses with an emphasis on standing and balance, Yoga Align also incorporates rests in child’s pose to cool the body.
Recommended for the Pitta Dosha
Yoga Calm harmonizes the Pitta dosha through a deeply grounding practice, featuring long and steady holds of grounded poses, a calming breath practice and deep savasana set to gentle, euphoric music. A floor-based practice dominated by seated and reclining poses, Yoga Calm condition the mind as much as the body with meditative benefits like increasing self-awareness and reducing stress.


Yoga for Every Body is available at all six Virgin Active clubs in Singapore – Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Holland Village, Marina One, Duo Galleria and Paya Lebar. Classes can be booked online at

Images: Virgin Active and Unsplash

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