Why A Book on Body Confidence?

We’ve mentioned that we’re in the midst of compiling body positive interviews with notable personalities as part of our second anniversary. However, besides celebrating ourselves and trying to promote body positivity, this book is also important for our targeted audience:

  • teenagers
  • young adults who are facing body image issues

We want to instill confidence in everyone while changing mindsets because body confidence isn’t about fat people loving themselves – it is about ALL of us learning how to love ourselves and being healthy because we want to be healthy.


If you believe in this social good, please support us by pre-purchasing a copy of “Building Body Confidence” through our crowdfunding site: https://ifundwomen.com/projects/book-building-body-confidence.

All monies will go to the publishing and distribution of the book, and we are absorbing all shipping fees if you choose to purchase a hard copy. We thank you for your support in advance!

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