How to Nag Less and Be a More Supportive Workout Buddy

You’ve found yourself a workout buddy and he or she could also be your life partner. The problem is your workout partner would rather lift a pint of ice cream than a set of dumbbells. Before you give up on him or her completely or nag them into action, try these tips to help spur them. After all, one of the biggest selling points of having an exercise buddy is to keep each other motivated! 

Set Goals and Make Sure You Achieve Them

Discuss with your partner and set the fitness goals that you wish to achieve in for weeks or months.  For example, if you want to get a lean stomach, work together with your buddy and do a similar routine together. This will be motivational for both as it would create healthy competition to reach the goal first. You could have different goals too, depending on your own personal goal.

Find a Class You Both Love

Zumba, Pilates or Kickboxing? If you can’t decide on one, step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about observing each other as your instructor will be leading you and checking on your progress. You can always make new workout buddies! 

Ensure That Your Buddy is Doing it The Right Way!

Observe your friend when they are doing squats or bench press, it makes working out much safer. In addition, when you go for a jog at night having someone to buddy up with also makes it safer than running alone. 

Teach Your Partner About Healthy Food Options

It’s possible that your partner may see you eating healthier foods and thus, influence them to do the same. Always help your buddy to cheque on their diet, or opt for a diet plan that would suit both of you. However, don’t boss around your friend about their eating habits. Remember you are their friend, not a trainer. It can easily demotivate them. Share healthy eating tips and even a couple of cheat days. This lifestyle bond will keep you and your appetite on its tippy toes with regards to sugary cravings. 

Encourage Your Partner

Studies found that individuals tend to exercise longer when they receive verbal encouragement. You should motivate your partner by showing that you care about them. Having a good workout buddy, having someone who constantly motivates to boost confidence to fulfil workout goals. Keep a friend motivated by acknowledging the hard work she or he’s putting into her fitness regimen. Let her know that she rocked it in class that evening. If she’s losing weight or has more energy in her step, make sure to tell her that she looks great. These small compliments make a world of difference and can be the extra little step that keeps her from throwing in the towel.   

Take Accountability as a Workout Buddy

No more snoozing when someone’s relying on you, otherwise guilt kicks in. Roll out of bed and get yourself to the gym. Be the one to initiate plans to work out together and keep it consistent, momentum is a driving force in maintaining any good fitness routine. While your friend may be ready to slack off for the day, a little push from you might be all she needs to grab her gym bag and go.

Two-Person Moves

Other ways to motivate your friend is by doing two-person moves. Exercising with a partner can broaden your range of motion- literally. In other words, you can try out some moves that require two people. Some examples of partnered workouts include
  • Medicine ball crunches
  • Back to back wall sits
  • Reach and touch planks
  • Dynamic Lunges


Medicine Ball Crunches

Help Them Deal With Set-Backsdot

Almost everyone at some point will deal with a set-back. This is natural and a normal part of the process of working towards your fitness goals. By helping someone else deal with set-backs and reminding them that it’s only temporary and they are in control to change things, you will help motivate them to move in the forward direction again, so they can start seeing results.

Reward Yourselves!

Everybody loves getting rewarded for something they’ve put effort into, and rewards incentivise efforts. Think of some small ways you can celebrate together for hitting your exercise goals. Whether your goal is weight loss, or to hit the gym twice a week for a month, remember to give yourself and your friend a prize for hitting the mark. This could be anything from a pedicure to shopping vouchers at their favourite shop. Small and consistent rewards will help keep the motivation up and also gives you a chance to show appreciation for each other! 

In other words, to inspire and keep your workout buddy motivated, your work ethic, your attitude, and the effort you put into your workout and relationship all matter more than any verbal cheerleading. If you’re dragging your feet and seeming uninterested, it’ll show and negatively affect your partner and your workout. 

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