Workout Recovery Tips That Actually Work

Every self-proclaimed fitness guru will instantly know hundreds of tips for a speedy and painless recovery. And it’s because of those ‘gurus’ that people often have a hard time figuring out what tip actually works and how. Well, if you want to avoid those fake professionals, have a look at some of the tips that actually find their basis in science. Do know that after series of squats, your legs and basically everything is still going to hurt. There is no magic pill to fix that. If you’re still interested, carry on with reading.

Replenish the fluids

When we work out, we lose a lot of fluid. It is a perfectly normal thing. However, failing to replace the lost fluid isn’t okay. So, aim at drinking water before, during and especially after the workout. When you drink water afterwards, you actually boost your recovery. This most important fluid that we’re made of to a great extent supports every metabolic function and nutrient transfer in the body. Thus, having plenty of water will surely help with each bodily function. Basically, if you like HIIT sessions, you have to drink up even more. Losing a lot equals drinking a lot!

The importance of a good night’s sleep

Lack of adequate sleep decreases tolerance to training, messes up our moods, and leaves us drained halfway through the day. To make things even worse, it negatively impacts physiological mechanisms responsible for adaptation from the stresses of training. But, you’re here for the recovery tip, right? Well, hormonal secretion during sleep is one of the most important factors that impact recovery. The sole purpose of sleep is to induce a state of recovery in the body. So, fail to get enough sleep and you’ll have to suffer more through the recovery process. Develop a regular sleeping pattern where you turn in at a similar time each night. Avoid smartphone screens and gadgets half an hour before the bedtime. Eight hours of sleep per night is what you need to aim at.

Take advantage of technology

This is the information age and every once in a while we get introduced to some crazy gadget that innovates the way we chat, talk, and play. Well, technology is also present in the world of fitness. And if you’re looking to utilise the results of some scientists’ hard work and help yourself ache less and recover faster, try the efficient electronic muscle recovery device. This gadget sends small amounts of electrical stimulation through your body, which is just enough to help your muscles relax. The design is great since it’s small, which automatically allows you to take it with you anywhere you want. These things are also easy to charge and obviously, they are even easier to use. Definitely consider this piece of gadgetry if you want to help yourself with the recovery.

Recovery boosting foods

During the exercise we lose a lot of energy and the only thing that has to happen afterwards is to recharge. People who aim at losing weight and exercise but later don’t eat are doing themselves a horrible thing. Instead, eat because you need food for the recovery, for the issue reparation, and for the muscle building process. If you’re into endurance exercises day in day out, you have to eat even more. It is advised that you take some food within 60 minutes of the end of your workout and make sure that you include quality protein and complex carbohydrate.

Benefits of an ice bath

Cryotherapy is great and you should definitely do that after each workout if you have the funds and an actual cryo chamber available near you. For those less fortunate, ice bath is the solution. Taking an ice bath helps with the recovery, muscle soreness, and it even prevents injuries. By repeatedly constricting and dilating blood vessels, you actually get rid of waste products in the tissues. So, during the shower after your workout, alternate 2 minutes of hot water with 30 seconds of cold water. Repeat this sequence four times with a minute of moderate temperatures between each hot-cold interval.


The methods above are scientifically proven and they will help with the muscle recovery. Again, bear in mind that there is no magic trick that will rid you of the pain, but these will help you considerably if done correctly.


Contributed by Luke Douglas.

Photo credits: Pexels

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