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Thanksgiving is a time for us to revalue our lives and give our appreciation for the things that it has offered us in the year. An opportunity to visit family, gather with friends and make the most out of life. The Wellness Insider has recently turned one since our start as a small, up and coming site focusing on wellness and since it’s Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a chance to look back and give thanks for all the beautiful things that have happened over the year.

You, our readers

We have grown from zero readers to 5,000 a month and there’s no way we would’ve been able to go as far as we did if it weren’t for you! Thank you for your support – whether that’d be attending our events, giving us your thoughts or just reading our articles and letting us know that our voice is being heard. It is through your continuous support that others are starting to know about The Wellness Insider and growing our reputation as a source of reliable wellness-related news and advice. We can’t overstate how awesome you are to us. So pat yourself on the back!

Our experts and partners

Here we’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who stood by us and gave us their support in all of our endeavours. From our Wellness Experts who gave us advice and guidance when it came to researching and coming up with article ideas, for contributing articles themselves as well as all the companies and sites who sought us to promote their events, workshops and products.

We’re especially thankful to all the up and coming companies as well as influencers who supported us through our Wellness Day Out and trying out our Wellness Box, two of our most significant projects that we hope we can expand on as we continue to grow to new heights. Big shout out to our partner Euforia Singapore, with whom we’re working to contribute back to society through our Wellness Store.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all of our friends and families who also gave us their support and understanding. We value the love and encouragement that we get from those we care about and knowing that we have people that we can rely on, making us want to push ourselves harder every day.

Our clients

If it wasn’t for our clients, we wouldn’t be able to survive this long and your support, either through the Wellness Box or events, is what helps push us in the right direction and figuring out what you need to help improve your lives.


How could we extend our appreciation for everything we went through last year without mentioning the city that made it all possible. Singapore and all of the people that live in it made it possible for us to try out new things and make new connections. We also owe the city because it was here that we held our first ever (and hopefully the first of many) Wellness Day Out. It’s also where we got the chance to be the Official Media Partner for the recent Miss & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size pageant that allowed us to meet and interact with all kinds of smart, beautiful women from all over the world.

Singapore also stands out as a city that always has the backs of everyone living in it, and this Thanksgiving is no exception as many hotels and restaurants are opening their doors. Establishments like Hotel Capella Singapore and Marina Bay Sands will extend their thanks on the 23rd in the best way they know how, through delicious and cheap food for everyone to enjoy, especially if you’re looking for genuine thanksgiving experiences. Some of these will even be serving Thanksgiving dinners for up to a week, so definitely give it a shot if you can.


There are still a lot more things that we have to give thanks to, but that’s where we’ll have to cut it short or otherwise we’d be here all day. But either way, what we want to focus on is how far we’ve come and our vow to keep trying harder and continue to tackle every challenge we get along the way. You’d be seeing a lot from us next year, so watch out for it and keep giving us your support!

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