Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 28: The Emotional Prisons We Create

Have you ever heard of the phrase “We are our own worst enemy”? We learn how true this is from Elies Hadi who is a Transformational and Mindfulness Coach as she tells us from experience through her clients. Find out how we create our own emotional prisons and trap ourselves, thus not enabling our inner worth to shine through.


Similar to Episode 27 where Anna talked about the mindset for happiness, Elies pointed out how strong the mind is in creating our own reality and therefore, our emotional prisons if we choose to believe all the negative things that both our external and internal voices tell us.

As mentioned in the video, knowing that you’re trapped in an emotional prison isn’t enough. You need to know how to break the vicious circle and that is the topic that we’ll be covering in next week’s Table Top Talk so do join us every Tue, 8.30pm (Singapore Time) at Wellness Insider’s Facebook page. To be updated on the latest episodes, you can also subscribe via our YouTube channel.


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