Giant Boob Makes a Statement About Breastfeeding

Last Sunday was Mothers’ Day in the UK and if you were in the Shoreditch area of London, you would’ve seen a giant inflatable breast with a prominent nipple sitting on top of a building.

Now, before you start thinking that this is some sort of shock art or an ad for porn, it was marketing agency Mother London’s project called #FreeTheFeed as “It’s hard to believe that in 2017 UK mothers still feel watched and judged when feeding in public, by bottle or breast.” according to their blog post.

This judgement does not just occur in the UK for sure, as this topic has been brought up several times in the US and even in Singapore where most people feel that mothers should not breastfeed their children in public (even with a nursing scarf) as it is “offensive”. That boggles our minds here in The Wellness Insider because feeding one’s child is very natural and the mother often reveals less cleavage (or boobage) than a lingerie model plastered on large billboards for both young and old to see.

Kudos to the team at Mother London who were brave enough to carry out this project and Free The Feed. As they put it so aptly, we should celebrate “every woman’s right to decide how and where they feed their children without feeling guilty or embarrassed about their parenting choices.”

Nonetheless, societal pressures are very strong and recently, a mother breastfeeding her child in the MRT (subway) without a nursing scarf had her photo taken and posted up on Singapore’s STOMP to publicly shame her. Of course, the photographer had an issue with the lack of a nursing scarf but many members of the public who responded in the comments section were offended at the fact that she was breastfeeding in public to begin with!

Seems absurd that mothers could feel stressed about feeding their child in public. Perhaps a huge inflated boob in the middle of London would create more conversation to end this stigma of public feeding.


Photo credits: Mother London and Adweek

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