Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 22: Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016

So glad to interview the lovely Fiona Tan, who is the first Asian to participate AND win the title of Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016! She bagged Singapore yet another international win and has been inspiring women of all sizes to be body confident. So in this week’s episode of Melissa’s Table Top Talk, we find out what makes this plucky woman so confident and also find out what projects she is currently working on. This episode’s make up has also been kindly sponsored by Fiona.

Fiona will also be one of our speakers at our Fun & Flirty Christmas Party where she will be talking about makeup for the different face shapes, which is great because everyone has different features. Catch her to learn more about what sort of makeup suits you as well as some makeup trends!

Thank you once again to Fiona for joining us in this week’s episode and we wish them all the best as they welcome their little one.

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