What Do Women Want? (and some beauty tips) With Fiona Tan

This week, we speak to Fiona Tan, and if you’re familiar with my Melissa’s Table Top Talk, you would’ve realised that I did interview her three years ago. It was great catching up with her and to also just find out what she thinks are things that women want – be it beauty, family, or a flexible work arrangement?

Fiona is a trainer, businesswoman and Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016. She shared that she sees a trend of women who are looking to get out of the corporate rat race, work from home or have a flexible work arrangement so that they can have more time for either their families or to do what they’d like to. That said, there are some people who enjoy working in a corporate environment, or need the structure of one.

With COVID-19, another trend is both consumers and businesses looking to have DIY or at-home solutions. Businesses that were online thrived, while this pandemic has forced many others to digitise.

We also talked about beauty and shared some beauty tips! Do check out the video below to find out more!


Stay tuned while we work with Fiona to see how we can bring the customised makeup workshop to you, dear readers!

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