The Peer Pressure on Young Adults with Poor Alcohol Tolerance

My own experience is a testament to the peer pressure young adults face when it comes to alcohol consumption. With extremely bad alcohol tolerance, even a few drinks would give me a pounding headache, forcing me to leave early. Yet, I always loved joining my friends, despite knowing that even a little alcohol would ruin my night. Initially, it was challenging to resist the pressure, but over time, rejecting drinks became second nature.

This peer pressure is fueled by societal norms and expectations. Drinking is often glamorised in the media, creating an implicit expectation that you need to drink to be socially accepted or have a good time. I used to wish I could drink more to fit in better, just like everyone else.

The emotional and physical impacts of this pressure on young adults are significant. Physically, even those with good alcohol tolerance can suffer from hangovers, dehydration, and loss of productivity the next day. Long-term consequences include withdrawal symptoms, liver damage, chronic fatigue, and a higher risk of cancer. Many families are broken because of alcoholism. The key is to drink responsibly and not overdo it.

Exploring the Disadvantages of Current Alcohol Relief Solutions in the Market

Currently, the most common alcohol relief solutions are in pill form. While these solutions are not necessarily inadequate, they are unappealing. No one gets excited about taking pills, which often remind people of medicine—a major turnoff. Additionally, some people cannot swallow pills, whereas enjoying a delicious gummy anytime, anywhere, is much easier.

Feedback on these solutions varies. Many people have shared positive experiences with my AlcoBlock Gummies, noting their effectiveness in preventing hangovers. Some, particularly women, prefer gummies because they cannot swallow pills or dislike them. However, some users reported not feeling the “high” after consuming too many gummies and finishing the whole pack because they were too delicious. To address this, I recommend taking 1-2 servings (2-4 gummies) and not finishing the whole pack or taking the gummies before sleep. Ultimately, there is no solution for irresponsible drinking, so it’s important to drink responsibly.

Discovering His Genetic Mutation and How It Sparked the Idea for a Healthy Solution

I hypothesise that I have a genetic mutation related to alcohol tolerance, discovered after researching how our bodies break down alcohol using liver enzymes ADH and ALDH. Ethanol is broken down by Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) into Acetaldehyde, a toxic compound responsible for most negative effects from alcohol. Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) then breaks down Acetaldehyde into Acetate, which is further broken down and expelled from the body.

Research on Asian flush suggested a higher likelihood of a genetic mutation causing ALDH deficiency, increasing Acetaldehyde levels and associated risks. Experiencing Asian flush and headaches after minimal alcohol, I believe I have this mutation. This discovery, made after seeking a solution to increase my alcohol tolerance, highlighted my higher cancer risk from drinking. It reinforced my resolve to drink responsibly and reject drinks when necessary.

The Process and Challenges of R&D as a One-Man Scientist

The biggest challenge during research and development was finding a mix of hepatoprotective, effective, and safe ingredients while ensuring the gummies’ taste and colour were perfect. With my poor alcohol tolerance, I was hesitant to test prototypes on myself, so I enlisted friends who love alcohol. Surprisingly, the first prototype had excellent results, encouraging me to pursue this venture.

Managing the scientific and logistical aspects required persistence, curiosity, and an open mind. Though not a chemist by trade, my curiosity led me to extensive research, making AlcoBlock possible.

A significant breakthrough was the first prototype’s success in preventing hangovers, despite its off taste and colour. Iterating on this, I developed the current formula, which is effective, delicious, and has a striking ruby red color.

What’s Next for Aloysius Himself and Nyva as a Brand

My immediate goals for Nyva include expanding market reach and increasing brand awareness through social media campaigns. I’m seeking partners or distributors to sell AlcoBlock internationally and plan to introduce other flavours and gummy products promoting overall well-being.

I envision future alcohol relief solutions as more personalised and health-focused. As people become more health-conscious, there will be a demand for products addressing hangover symptoms and supporting long-term health. Nyva aims to educate consumers on improving their overall well-being and provide life-long supplements and solutions for a healthier life.

Personally and professionally, I aim to continue growing as an entrepreneur and establish Nyva as a trusted household name in the wellness industry, expanding to overseas markets.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my journey with Nyva AlcoBlock Gummies! It has been a rewarding experience, and I hope my story inspires others to seek innovative solutions to their challenges. Cheers to happier and healthier social experiences!


Contributed by Aloysius, Founder of Nyva

Images: Envato (header), Nyva

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