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Sporting giant Decathlon has just announced that it would absorb the latest GST hike by keeping prices of all goods in their local stores the same through its Get Saving Together initiative, reinforcing its commitment to make sports affordable and accessible to all.

Kicking off the new year, Decathlon invites you to discover a world of new sports with equipment at a price you love. Whether you’re keen on picking up frisbee, basketball, or Kpop dance, enjoy the wonders of sports by checking out Decathlon Activities’ latest offerings for this weekend.

Here are our top picks!

Unlock hoops with Basketball IQ workshop

Ever wondered what sets an outstanding basketball player apart? It’s not just playing hard – it’s about playing smart! Basketball IQ, the measure of a player’s intelligence on the court is the secret to success. Tailored for teenagers aged 14 to 18, learn how to read basketball games and make strategic decisions on the court. Enhance your basketball skills and elevate your performance.

Both girls and boys are welcomed to participate and learn! Sign up here.

Next available sessions: 17 February, 2 March
Location: Decathlon – Singapore Lab
What to bring: Sports Attire, Proper Basketball Court Shoes
Recommended Age: 14 to 18 years old

Get ready for your session with these must-have essentials from Decathlon!

From Left to Right: Kids’ Basketball Shoes Easy X – Red (S$59.90); Junior Basketball Reversible Shorts SH100 – Black (S$5.90); Junior Basketball Jersey T100 – Black (S$5.90)

Frisbee Frenzy for Kids: Introduction to ultimate frisbee

Parents, are you ready to ignite a spark of active fun and teamwork for your little ones? Conducted by a professional Frisbee Coach, Introduction to Ultimate Frisbee is designed for kids aged 8 to 12 years old where they can grasp the fundamentals of Ultimate Frisbee while indulging in energetic play within a secure and supportive environment. Allow your kids to unravel the joy of outdoor sports, teamwork and the thrill of making new friends!

Explore the world of Ultimate Frisbee under the guidance of a true expert by signing up here!

Next available sessions: 18 February
Location: Decathlon – Singapore Lab
What to bring: Covered Sports Shoes (Soccer Cleats would be Preferred), Water Bottle, Towel
Recommended Age: 8 to 12 years old

Get ready for your session with these must-have essentials from Decathlon!

From Left to Right: Kids’ Lace-Up Football Boots 100 FG – Black/Yellow (S$14.90); Kids’ 380 ml Water Bottle 500 – Khaki (S$5.90); Sports Shoe Bag – Black (S$9.90)

Your new year’s sporty resolution is covered with Decathlon’s latest Get Saving Together campaign where everyone gets to enjoy all the great products we love at the same prices despite the GST increase!

Decathlon definitely has a lot more to offer! Discover the brand’s wide range of sporting goods here. For more information on how Decathlon is dodging the GST curveball to keep your sporting adventures affordable, read on here.

Images: Decathlon Singapore and Envato (header)

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