Geneco & Yellow Ribbon Project Casts “The Magic of Hope” in Support of Ex-Offenders

This festive season, Geneco embarks on its inaugural collaboration with the Yellow Ribbon Project, joining hands in an inspiring and heart-warming initiative beyond the conventional year-end celebration to champion the Yellow Ribbon Project’s efforts in galvanising the community to co-create opportunities for the successful reintegration of ex- offenders and their contribution back to the community. The campaign, The Magic of Hope, aims to demonstrate that hope is a powerful force of change and how the community can be enablers by providing hope to others through giving second chances and building an even more inclusive society amidst spreading warmth during the holiday season.

Geneco Collaborates With Yellow Ribbon Bakery To Launch Festive-Exclusive Cookies Handcrafted by Inmates

Yellow Ribbon Bakery will be gearing up to debut its very first batch of over 46,000 festive- exclusive cookies this holiday season, through Geneco’s support of S$15,000 for the collaboration, which will see to a donation of $3,000 to the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Over 3,000 bags of specially crafted Red Velvet & Almonds cookies produced exclusively for this collaboration have been thoughtfully researched and developed, and are being meticulously handcrafted by inmates, providing them with valuable skills as they work towards their successful reintegration into society. With each sale seen as an act of encouragement that reaffirms their worth, this experience will further bolster their confidence, and aid in their paths towards a brighter future.

Alex Chan, Head of Brand, Communications and Marketing at Geneco, says: “We all have times in our lives where we looked back and thought about how we could’ve done things differently. ‘The Magic of Hope’ campaign encourages us to look ahead and think about how we can do better. Not just for ourselves, but for others as well, especially those who need help to make right what was wrong. Partnering with the Yellow Ribbon Project this festive season aligns seamlessly with this intention – fostering hope, inspiring one another, and supporting transformative journeys; ultimately amplifying the spirit of the festive season in the most impactful way that lives true to our brand purpose – #PowerTheChange.”

Celebrating Hope and New Beginnings with Geneco’s Inspirational Quotes of Hope

Leveraging the key essence of the campaign, Geneco has curated a collection of 6 Inspirational Quotes of Hope that surrounds personal themes of hope, encouragement, and connection, underlining compelling stories of second chances and fresh beginnings. Narrated by Mediacorp 987 DJ Joakim Gomez and Host-Presenter Kelly Latimer, who both have gone through a difficult time of failure, but managed to pick themselves up again to achieve success. They, among other celebrities such as Sonia Chew, Rui En, Belinda Lee, and Ben Yeo will also be sharing the campaign on their individual social media platforms, aiming to encourage the public to inspire, resonate, and serve as a reminder to one another of the boundless possibilities that accompany each new start.

Beginning on 1st November, these Inspirational Quotes of Hope will be readily accessible to the public for voting and sharing on Geneco’s dedicated campaign site, After every vote, their quote of choice can also be downloaded and sent to their friends and families. Five lucky voters stand a chance to win S$100 worth of eCapitaVouchers each.

Spreading cheer at Geneco’s Net Zero Pop-Up Cafe along Orchard Road with Huggs Coffee

From 7 to 17 December, Geneco will host its first-ever net zero pop-up café along the Orchard Road shopping belt outside Orchard ION and will be open from 10am to 10pm.

This pop-up will be net zero through the retirement of Renewable Energy Certificates, underscoring Geneco’s unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility, even while making a positive impact. To further sustainability and social fronts, Geneco has also invited like-minded partner, Huggs Coffee, to be part of this event as both brands’ have a shared commitment to local communities, sustainability, and impactful social initiatives.

This pop-up aims to support and spread Yellow Ribbon’s movement through the sales of their festive baked treats. The public is encouraged to unwind amidst the festive shopping rush with the purchase of these sweet treats from Yellow Ribbon Bakery and a cup of drink from Huggs Coffee as a portion of each purchase from both Yellow Ribbon Bakery and Huggs Coffee directly contributes to the rehabilitation and reintegration efforts of inmates and ex-offenders.

The public can also receive a limited-edition Geneco tote bag along with a Yellow Ribbon pin, between 7 to 17 December on weekdays at the pop-up when they vote for their favourite Inspirational Quote of Hope through Geneco’s website. Additionally, individuals who vote at the pop-up cafe during the weekends of 9 to 10 December and 16 to 17 December will be rewarded with a bag of exclusive Geneco X Yellow Ribbon Red Velvet & Almonds cookies.

Special guest appearances

Ex-offenders-turned-TikTok influencers Simon Khung (@Simonboyyyyyyy) and Luke Chan (@lukeyychan) will also be holding a special appearance at the pop-up cafe on 9 December, Saturday, 6pm to 8pm, to interact and rally the public for this initiative. Recognised for their courage and transparency as ex-offenders, both have candidly shared their personal battles; shattering stereotypes and highlighting the power of recovery.

With their popularity on social media, which reflects the public’s general acceptance and moving on from their past, Simon and Luke are more than suitable personalities to be part of this campaign. To walk the talk further, both Simon and Luke will be giving out hugs to individuals who need the encouragement to move on from their own situations – a symbol of support, understanding and hope.

Sunny Lee, Steering Committee Chairman of the Yellow Ribbon Project shared, “As the festive season brings forth joy and warmth, our collaboration with Geneco adds a layer of meaning and purpose to the holidays. Every dollar raised aids not just the vital programs for inmates and ex-offenders, but also directly supports their families. For them, this collaboration with Geneco is more than a festive endeavour – it’s a heartfelt assurance of society’s belief in their potential and their path to reform. We are deeply grateful to Geneco for illuminating the holidays with this message of hope and second chances. Every cookie sold, every quote shared, resonates with encouragement, support, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.”

To find out more about The Magic of Hope and browse the Inspirational Quotes of Hope curated by Geneco, please visit If you would like to make a donation directly to Yellow Ribbon and support ex-offenders and their families, you may do so on their website.

Images: Geneco 

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