10 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day is approaching in a week’s time, and while it shouldn’t be the only day as a reminder to spend quality time with your partner or spouse, it is an occasion that is worth pushing every busy couple to take a little time off to enjoy each other’s company. It is a day to show appreciation for your significant other with gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gestures of affection; with its roots in ancient Roman tradition, which has evolved over time into a worldwide celebration of love and romance.

Time and time again, you prove to your partner that gift-giving is your love language — and then Valentine’s Day hits. While stakes seem ridiculously high, and the pressure is on to find the absolute best Valentine’s Day gift for him and her — here are 10 thoughtful, unique and totally non-cheesy ideas to help you out.

1. Flowers

Let’s start off with the most common, sure easy way to kick off the rest of your beautiful evening. If you’re looking for something beautiful and unique, Far East Flora has a variety of fresh flower bouquets and flower arrangements to choose from! Options include premium roses in pinks and reds, hydrangeas, lilies, and more that are sure to impress your loved ones! Aside from fresh flowers, there are preserved flowers which carry the meaning of infinite love, they come in the form of bouquets and gift boxes that can be displayed where they can be reminded of your undying love.


2. Scents

What perfect Valentine’s Day gift for perfume enthusiasts with a perfect gift subscription with I’VRE, Singapore’s first and only perfume subscription service. If you’re looking to broaden your fragrance horizons, investing in one of the best perfume subscription boxes is a convenient and exciting way to explore various scents, keeping things exciting along the way!

While on the scent bandwagon, it is time to spoil your special someone with the gift of scent made mindfully and ethically with customised create scented memories with travel-friendly perfume. Introducing the Wanderlust Couple set exclusively for Valentine’s day, let love be in the air in your wanderlust journey with Scent Journer‘s luxurious fragrances, designed to feel good and smell even better!


3. Pleasure Toys

A lot of couples tend to forget that the act of sex is also a form of intimacy and after years of doing it the same way, it might be time to spice things up in the bedroom! There are tons of toys available online to choose from, such as the Womanizer OG for vulva owners and the Arcwave Ion for penis owners. We highly encourage shopping for these toys together with your partner so that you can discuss boundaries, fantasies as well as the anticipation of receiving these toys is already a form of foreplay.


4. Sofitel High Tea

Sofitel Singapore City Centre is presenting Les Jardin du Sofitel in celebration of the global Vogue x Sofitel collaboration from 13 February to 9 April 2023. Taking inspiration in haute couture and spring fashion trends, 1864 will be transformed into a botanical wonderland with a specially curated all-day dining menu featuring edible flowers and fashion elements that are almost too pretty to eat. Launching just in time for Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day, a gastronomic affair at 1864 is the perfect way to show love and appreciation to your romantic partner.


5. Jewellery

There’s more than one way to wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day which the best  gift is the one that comes in a little blue box. If there’s any moment to be extravagant, there’s no better way with Tiffany’s & Co with their eclectic range of jewellery to choose from where you can also choose to engrave special phrases or dates for you and your partner.


6. Romantic Dinner For Two

A romantic dinner for two is a classic Valentine’s Day idea. Consider cooking a special meal at home or reserving a table at a romantic restaurant. For a memorable evening, choose a restaurant with a view, light some candles, and enjoy a quiet, intimate dinner together. You can also create a personalised menu, pick a bottle of wine, and set the table with flowers, romantic music, or special lighting. To make the evening even more special, consider dressing up and sharing your favourite memories or making plans for the future.


7. Weekend Staycation

It’s that time of the year again when you ditch the kiddos and indulge in some time for just the two of you! There are many best hotels where you can enjoy V-Day in style through Agoda or Klook. When was the last time you had a romantic getaway with your significant other?

If it’s taking you too long to remember, we’re here to help. So it’s time to pack your hottest lingerie and plan a sweet Valentine’s Day staycation at one of these swish hotel hotspots. Or, just whack your comfy PJs in a weekend bag, order room service, and fall asleep together watching an in-house movie. You can find options of variety of staycation spots to choose from here.


8. Sentimental Items or Keepsakes

Sometimes it’s harder finding a gift idea for a partner or spouse than it is to find a gift for a friend. Some couples are better at giving keepsake gifts than others. There are variety range of gift ideas such as framed photos, ticket stubs from a past movie or concert, pressed flowers or dried petals, clocks, mugs or ornaments where you can easily obtain from Etsy or Lazada.


9. Chocolates

Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac food since the time of Aztecs. Chocolate is said to contain substances that inflame desire and make the beloved one more open to romance. In olden days, this resulted in the tradition in European royalty to give their lovers chocolates mixed with amber to stimulate love. Surprise your valentine with an amazing gift from Janice Wong‘s chocolates that feature 5 new flavours this Valentine’s

10. Couple’s Spa Day

A couple’s spa day is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day together. A typical spa day for couples usually includes relaxing massages, facials, body treatments, and other luxurious services to help you both unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Some spas may also offer couple’s packages that include access to saunas, hot tubs, and other amenities. To make the most of your couples spa day, consider booking a private room or suite, bringing comfortable clothes, and planning to spend the entire day at the spa.


You might not want to go all out, but we’ve included a few small little treats that you boyfriend/girlfriend is sure to love. Same goes to those who are in long-term relationships and don’t celebrate the big day anymore as Valentine’s Day is always a good time to surprise them with a little something in our books.

Images: Envato, Scent Journer, Sofitel Singapore City Centre, Janice Wong, Flickr, Tiffany & Co.

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