Unlock Your Health Goals One Step At A Time

Have you ever wondered how you can take steps to reach your health goals? Maybe you’ve tried but faced some challenges along the way that caused you to be unsuccessful.

According to the IPSOS Nutiani Consumer Wellness Research, 90% of global consumers are adopting a holistic mindset and believe good health involves not just being physically well but looking after all aspects of wellbeing. Yet while they actively take steps to manage their health, barriers stemming from lifestyle choices are hampering progress.

Nutrition is seen as essential to overall wellbeing, with 88% of consumers believing well-balanced diets are important to preventing major illnesses. However, in practice, only 56% choose to eat a healthy diet to maintain their wellbeing.

Here are some of the most common reasons consumers give and how we can manage our health the way we want to:

Reason 1: 42% of consumers lack motivation and discipline

Tip: Make small adjustments to your diet by incorporating readily available nutrition solutions. These could include opting for whole-grain food, and healthier choice products when going grocery shopping. It could also mean making small adjustments in your daily life that slowly allows you to form the habit of living a healthy lifestyle. This includes keeping healthy snacks around you, using smaller plates and bowls to manage portion size and help prevent overeating.

Reason 2: 31% of consumers perceive healthy lifestyles as being too expensive

Tip: Adopt clinically backed solutions with proven health benefits that present value for money. Check out if products are backed by scientific evidence before you buy them. For instance, Low-GI foods may be a little more expensive than normal food, but the benefits of consuming them greatly outweigh the extra costs of purchasing them.

Reason 3: 22% of consumers cite that they are too busy

Tip: Add convenient products in your daily life that can be consumed on-the-go in one’s daily routines. This includes protein bars, nuts and easy-to-eat fruits like grapes and blueberries. If you constantly feel like snacking, here are check out some of the healthy snacks we recommend!

Reason 4: 34% of consumers prefer to rely on their natural diets

Tip: For sellers, it helps to launching products in recognisable food and beverage formats, such as snack bars, yogurts and drinks. For consumers, look out for signs on the packaging that tells you it’s the same product/ improved version of a product even when the packaging is changed.

Reason 5: 16% of consumers believe existing products do not provide any health benefits

Tip: To investigate health claims and back them up with clinical studies before making assumptions. Here at The Wellness Insider, we provide you with health tips and advise you on the products you can consume to help you with your health goals.

Reason 6: 15% of consumers think existing products are too expensive

Tip: For sellers, try educating consumers on nutritional value for money (based on nutrient-density to- price ratio) and for consumers, try to do some research and fact-check products based on their nutritional label before purchasing the product.

These tips should guide you to making better and healthier choices for yourself and your loved ones! Remember not to be too ambitious: start small and be consistent with your efforts, we believe you will reach your health goals eventually!

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