How Father of Two Started 28 Hair Salons For His Wife to Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

According to the American Pregnancy Association, an average of 40% to 50% of women will experience postpartum hair loss. With motherhood also comes these lesser known unglamourous sides, all adding to the stress they might feel especially for first-time moms that can do a number on their self-esteem. It certainly doesn’t help the situation when they carry most of this burden due to a lack of support from their husbands during and after pregnancy.

As seen in a study that found mothers were better able to adjust themselves postpartum when their husband provided adequate support, having a partners’ support throughout this exciting yet daunting journey makes all that difference.

For loving husband and father, Riff Lim, he did just that, even going the extra mile to specially formulate a unique herbal hair treatment paste for his wife to treat her postpartum hair loss. His wife had been trying everything at various hair loss treatment centers but didn’t see the results she desired and it had pained him deeply to see his wife lose confidence and slowly fall into depression. Seeing to help his wife blossom into the next phase of their life with confidence, Riff decided to take things into his own hands and set about putting his years of experience in the hair care industry to good use.

Riff Lim, Founder of TwoHerbs

Through intensive research on late nights and taxing rounds of trial and error, Riff finally found that the answer in fact lay in combining Ayurvedic and Chinese methodologies, both cultures known throughout history for their use of natural remedies to cure almost any ailment! And thus, this unique, pioneering herbal hair treatment was formulated with blending the ancient wisdom of both Ayurvedic and Chinese methodologies. The hard work he put into this formula spoke for itself with the herbal hair treatment showing results in just three months of treatment and giving the scalp a higher chance of recovery by solving scalp issues more efficiently compared to using just one type of herbs.

Upon encouragement from his wife and having seen first-hand the hardships and sacrifices that come with motherhood, Riff wanted to help all mothers who were facing similar issues find and regain their confidence. Seeing the amazing results his formula had for his wife, Riff decided to offer his formula to others experiencing similar problems. Thus was born TwoHerbs, a hair care treatment center pioneering this unique formula.

Focusing on the importance of a clean and healthy scalp, TwoHerbs has since then expanded their offerings to devise various hair treatments in place targeted for different scalp conditions. Their consultants are able to conduct a scalp analysis, then recommend the best route of treatment, from targeting a sensitive and dry scalp with flakiness to an oily scalp with clogged pores – treating hair issues at their root (no pun intended).

Staying true to his core of providing affordable hair care to everyone who needs it, Riff has gone on to grow TwoHerbs into the 28 hair salons in both Singapore and Malaysia today.

We spoke to Riff to find out a little bit more about the story behind TwoHerbs as well as some hair care tips!

Q: What is the story behind the name TwoHerbs?

Riff: TwoHerbs uses Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs in the treatment and we want customers to remember that our formulation contains the 2 different types of herbs, which can help with their hair issues.

Q: What makes your treatment unique compared to your competitors who also use herbal remedies to combat hair loss?

TwoHerbs in the only hair loss treatment that uses both Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs to provide nutrients to your scalp, having the benefits of both worlds. Ayurvedic herbs have a long history as one of the world’s oldest medical system and I found that they are a good match to Chinese herbs, which have a long history as well. Thus, I decided to mix the two types of herbs together.

Our hair loss treatment also includes the use of a cold cap, a similar method used during chemotherapy to stimulate hair growth for cancer patients, which has been proven to stimulate and aid hair growth.

Q: Could you share some hair care tips?

Wash your hair regularly. It is a common misconception that you don’t need to wash your hair daily, but due to Singapore’s weather, it is encouraged that you wash your hair daily.

Do a detox treatment monthly to cleanse the scalp and prevent sebum buildup.

Blow-dry your hair only until it is semi-dry. Do not dry your hair completely as it damages the hair cuticle.

Use cold air to blow-dry your hair instead of hot air as hot air tends to open up the follicles, causing the follicles to take in more dirt.

Use a hair tonic daily to give your hair vitamins – your scalp needs vitamins daily, just like your face and body.

In terms of diet, eating foods high in protein such as tofu, meat and eggs have been proven to help hair growth and prevent hair loss. We should also avoid deep fried or spicy foods as this tends to aggravate the scalp into producing more perspiration, causing the scalp to get clogged faster.


Images: TwoHerbs

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