How to Use Fengshui To Create Harmony In Your Home

By Master Alvin Sai of MZX Fengshui Mastery

‘Feng’ means wind, and ‘shui’ means water and together, they work to create a way of life that is in balance with nature. Having a beautifully decorated and furnished home would be futile if the energy in the home does not work harmoniously with the environment.

As a seasoned Feng Shui consultant, whenever I audit a house, I will put the well-being of my clients as priority. With good health and a positive mind combined with a peaceful home environment, you can focus clearly on the goals that you want to achieve.

Chi (or qi) is based on the Tao philosophy of energy and Feng Shui is a lot about how chi aligns with your surroundings. Having a home with good flow and balance of chi can not only create harmony in the home but also, enhances the wellbeing of your mental health and body.

Let’s start with the entrance.

The main door is one of the most important aspects in Feng Shui as it is the entrance into the house. The airflow will be moving in and out from the door. Whenever there is movement of air flow, there will be energy activation. Currently, we are moving into a new phase of period 9 which will last from 2024 till 2043, though we are still in the residual phase of the period 9 of 2017, the Early Heaven Luck of Period 9 – meaning we are transitioning from life changing incidences to new beginnings.

As such, in the general sense, the South and North facing door will be inviting good chi in the coming years. South is fire energy which is the current prosperous energy and North is water which is the upcoming prosperous energy. However, we must take into consideration each person’s BaZi as well to have an accurate consultation.

During the period of life changing incidents after the arrival of 2017’s Period 9, we all bore witness to a global pandemic in which many of us adapted to work from home (WFH). Even as we enter into the post pandemic era, WFH or hybrid working is still very much in practice, thus our home work space or office has become an important part of energy flow in the house.

In order to have good progress and success in your careers, the home office room and desk location take focal points especially in smaller spaces like the HDBs and private residences in Singapore. In Feng Shui, when it comes to career luck, we focus on the sector which governs advancement and smooth progress as well as the benefactor area which can assist in overcoming work challenges. When you know your BaZi (your Four Pillars of Destiny which you can determine based on your birth date against the Chinese calendar), you can determine these 2 locations in your home to best position your desk.

But of course, having the best Feng Shui for all aspects of your life is not just from an external factor. It also affects your wellbeing as a whole.

Here are some tips on how to use the basic principles of Feng Shui in decorating the rest of your home:

  1. Keep our house neat and tidy

To allow smooth air flow circulating. If there is clutter and blockage, there will be issues or obstacles on health, career and general luck, not to mention potential safety hazards as well.

2. Always open the windows for air flow circulation

Smooth air flow circulation to the whole house is cleansing for both the mind and body. When the house has stale air, there will be stagnant energy and the space will be stuffy, melancholic and frustrations which can easily result in conflicts and quarrels.

3. Natural brightness of the house during day time

In Feng Shui, we invite natural light in to brighten the opportunities and lead a clear path and guideline to the occupants. Also, vitamin D even if it’s from a window is beneficial for a clear mind and general health.

4. Separate your work place from the bedroom

When your work place is in your sleeping area, you will tend to associate stress with sleep, and will affect your night time rest.

5. No electronic Items beside your bed

As electronic devices have electromagnetic fields, they will react with your body, especially your mind. It is not favourable to have a TV inside your bedroom as well as a place of rest should be conducive to rest rather than active thoughts.

6. Clear entrance of the house

The entrance is like our mouth to collect chi; if it is blocked, you are creating obstacles for good chi to enter your home.

7. Do not block your passageway

Apply the Marie Kondo school of thought, if things no longer spark joy, then best to declutter. For flow of good chi as well as safety purposes.

8. Replace dying plants

Plants are living and breathing beings and also they are a good indication for energy at the location. Best to replace or remove dying plants as a symbolism to good health and striving.

9. Right placement of the stove

A kitchen stove at the right position will bring opportunities for good health and wealth. It represents fire which fuels the energy to activate auspiciousness. Before any home renovations to the kitchen, it is advisable to consult with a Feng Shui master.

10. Placement of any water feature

Location of any water feature is crucial as it represents your reputation and wisdom and if you are uncertain, please avoid putting it unless you are advised by a professional. Position at the right position will bring good fortune, but anywhere that it shouldn’t will be detrimental.

Images: MZX Fengshui Mastery

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