True Colours Festival 2022

True Colours Festival (TCF) is a long-running international festival of performing arts that celebrates diversity and inclusion, with the theme of One World, One Family, taking place on 19 & 20 November this year in Tokyo.

This year, the concert will feature a powerhouse line-up of artistes, with more than 90 musicians, singers and dancers from 12 countries and one global megastar – Katy Perry – as its special guest in a concert that will celebrate diversity and the power of music to connect people everywhere.

As a festival, TCF brings people together to generate exchanges, innovation and creativity; and transform the way we relate to each other. We choose the arts as our platform, for its power to move, inspire and heal.

Presented by The Nippon Foundation, TCF brings diverse artistes and audiences together through concerts, documentaries, music videos, film screenings, children’s programmes, musicals, workshops and other activities. Since 2006, festivals have been organised in Southeast Asia and Japan, with more than 1,200 artistes from more than 30 countries connecting with a global audience in more than 80 countries.

Dance 1)       BOTAN & DAZZLE (Japan)

2)       Kenta Kambara (Japan)

3)       ILL-Abilities (International) with Bboyz from Japan

4)       Tokyo NAKAMA Dancers (Japan)

5)       Tokyo NAKAMA Kids (Japan)

6)       We Are One (India)

Instrumental 1)       Adrian Anantawan (Canada) Violin

2)       Alvin Law (Canada) Drums

3)       Johnatha Bastos (Brazil) Guitar & Keyboard

4)       Rachel Starritt (UK) Piano

Rap 1)       Sparsh Shah (US)

2)       Wheelsmith (Singapore)

Vocal 1)      Federico Martello (Italy)

2)      Harumi (Japan)

3)      Katy Perry (US)

4)      Mandy Harvey (US)

5)      Raul Midón (US)

6)      Ryota Kaizo

7)      The Soulmatics (Japan)

8)      Tony Dee (Australia)

9)      Viktoria Modesta (UK)



Playing a significant role in the production of TCF The Concert 2022 is the Singapore Creative Team comprising:

  • Dr Sydney Tan, Executive Producer & Creative & Music Director
  • Dick Lee, Stage Director
  • Yang Derong, Art Director
  • Samantha Kan, Chief Choreographer
  • Sally Lee, Multimedia Director
  • Daniel Yam & Jonathan Choo, Film Makers
  • Hsia Ling Woo, Line Producer
  • Deric Shen, Stage Designer
  • Alberta Wileo, Lighting Designer

And the two members of the Singapore Team managing Marketing/PR/Social Media/Planning:

  • Audrey Perera, Executive Producer
  • Sarina Sahari, Assistant Producer

Singapore’s very own rapper-beatboxer Wheelsmith will join the line up at the concert as well!

You may find out more about the event here.

Images: True Colours Festival

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