How to Stay Fit While Travelling

Now that travel is back (everyone rejoice!), you may have had to break the fitness regime that you gained during the lockdown and subsequent work-from-home period. Which we totally understand, because travelling or going to office more often can be very disruptive to one’s fitness schedule. Unless you’re equipped with the right tools. As such, we’ve prepared a few nifty tips on how you can still get your fitness on while still travelling to anywhere in the world.

Get an airport lounge membership

Firstly, airport lounge memberships such as Collinson’s Priority Pass will allow you access to over 1,300 lounges and airport experiences in over 650 airports across 148 countries, including a growing number of spa offerings worldwide. This will allow you to find a corner to do simple exercises and have access to shower facilities before catching your flight.

Download a fitness app

Priority Pass has partnered with audio fitness app, WithU. This means that anyone who purchases a Priority Pass membership will automatically be able to redeem complimentary access to WithU, allowing members to access workouts whenever, wherever they like, and with whichever coach they like.

The premium fitness app includes more than 1,000 audio-guided workouts across more than 20 different modalities. Each workout is delivered by one of their world-class coaches and incorporates the use of a 3D Avatar to help guide members on their form. It’s designed for all fitness levels and helps members through every step of their fitness journey: from the initial onboarding process through to the continued, reward-based incentivisation and gamification. WithU makes the whole fitness experience engaging and entertaining for its members.

So you get to stick to your fitness regime in the airport lounge, hotel or even back at home.

The WithU app is available in App Stores globally for download with content in English and Spanish languages. Retail members can register for their complimentary subscription to WithU as a benefit of their Priority Pass membership by visiting:

Check out the hotel facilities before travelling

Most hotels nowadays will list whether they have a gym and/or pool as well as the opening hours. With this knowledge, you’ll then be able to better plan your workouts at the hotel gym or pool. This would work even better if you also have a fitness app that gives you workouts such as the above mentioned WithU or Fitbit‘s premium service.

If you’re staying in an AirBnB or hotels that do not have gyms, then you can then search for nearby gyms that offer one-time usage. Do remember to check out their opening hours (there are some that are 24/7) so that you can plan accordingly.

Check out parks or running routes near your hotel

Thanks to technology such as Google Maps and running apps, you can plan your running or jogging route around your hotel or AirBnB. Personally, I like to find the nearest park so that at least part of the run has nature in it…plus sometimes I’d get to play with dogs that are being walked! This works even if you don’t like to run but would prefer to walk. Not only will you be getting your workout, you’ll also be able to see the local sights at the same time!

Walk whenever possible

Even if you really do not have any time for a proper 30-minute workout when travelling, what you can do is to clock up as many steps as possible. If you’re on a business trip and your next meeting is within a reasonable walking distance, then walk over. If you’re on holiday, why not plan a walking tour to all the major sights within the city? Of course, certain places may not be accessible just simply by walking, but whenever possible, choose to walk and burn off those calories so that you can enjoy more local delights, of course! Hahaha!


As you can see, while fitness has become more important to individuals since the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that travel has to break one’s fitness goals and/or regime. All you need is the right tools as well as proper planning!

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