Did You Know Pets Are Susceptible to COVID-19 Too?

Remember the news about how 5 lions in Singapore tested positive for Covid-19? It definitely stopped some pet owners and animal lovers on their tracks.

To further the worry, medical reports from overseas cases have shown that the Covid-19 viral strain in both cats and dogs is closely similar to humans, and animals can in fact contract the virus through close contact with infected humans, or by the licking of contaminated surfaces, albeit with mild symptoms.

With no licensed vaccines available for animals at the moment, implementing good hygiene measures in pet care and boosting pet immunity with vitamin-packed diets and supplements remains a pet owner’s best bet.

Introducing the well-known superfood for pets, Green Tripe – the nutrient-rich lining of the stomach of ruminating animals grazing green pastures, and a key ingredient in NUTRIPE products that helps promote holistic pet health, and potentially protects your pets from Covid-19 or any other contagious disease. Completely natural, unprocessed, and packed with a range of proteins, minerals, probiotics, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and vitamins, Green Tripe helps to support a healthy gut microbiome that is essential for our pet’s immunity and overall wellbeing.

NUTRIPE ensures sustainability in its sourcing and production processes, with core ingredients ethically sourced from New Zealand and Australia. As a leading expert in their field, NUTRIPE promises quality pet food inspired by nature, fortified by science and supplied by partners who share their vision of a sustainable future.

In line with their sustainability efforts, NUTRIPE has recently adopted the endangered African Painted Dogs Limpopo, Chicuala, Mabai, Taya, Sawa, and Letuti from the Singapore Zoo this year.

NUTRIPE products are available at all major pet stores in Singapore.


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