Enjoy a “Private” Art Exhibition Via The Art Passage

While the resumption of dining-in has been a relief to most of us, why not have a safe and private art exhibition just before or after your meal? Located in Raffles City Singapore Level 3 walkways, Utopia(s) at The Art Passage, is near restaurants Mikuni and Szechuan Court and it integrates art in your shopping experience, offering an alternative way to appreciate artworks without having to visit museums or galleries. Simply scan QR codes to enjoy a virtual tour guide while walking through the exhibition.

Utopia(s) at The Art Passage brings together the vision of two distinctive artists – Thai artist Knakorn Kachacheewa and Indonesian artist Vani Hidayatur Rahman. And this fusion within the exhibition creates a platform that allows us to look at our society from a different perspective. Dreaming of possible worlds, the artists offer glimpses into imaginary alternative universes, a welcome sight for eyes made sore by our urban pandemic society.

Thai artist Knakorn Kachacheewa

Knakorn’s works depict aspirations for a better life. Forcing the viewer to confront and rethink their existing notions of love, happiness, and success, Knakorn creates surreal scenes of graceful subjects that are reminiscent of nude Classicism and unique juxtapositions from Surrealism. The artist dreams of a better world using palettes of pinks and blues, allowing the viewer to rediscover what it means to be living in our current society.

Indonesian artist Vani Hidayatur Rahman

Vani’s complex and symbolic work reminds us that we reach new heights as a society when we are able to balance progress and modernisation with the preservation of our environment. Silver-award winner of the UOB painting of the year in 2017, the artist makes use of his intricate technique to detail the inner workings of society, and to illustrate how the contribution of each common worker matters to create something we can all be proud of.

Images: The Art Passage

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