World’s First “Diffuser Disinfectant” Bio-X Kleanze Air to Use Against Airborne Germs

Okada Ecotech, manufacturer of the environmentally-friendly, non-poisonous, and water-based multi-functional solution, Bio-X, has just launched Bio-X Kleanze Air – a specially designed “essential oil with disinfectant property” that can be used in diffusers to kill airborne germs.

Based off the original Bio-X organic solution of primarily botanical-based ingredients and plant extracts, Bio-X Kleanze Air is designed to be used with a humidifier or diffuser and ventilation systems to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses. The eradication of airborne germs is pivotal in ensuring good air quality to maintain public safety and hygiene.

When any liquid is being diffused, the diffuser “breaks up” the oils and liquids into smaller, lighter particles which are suspended in the air for longer periods of time. The particles are consequently inhaled and thus, must be safe for human and animal lungs. However, prior to Bio-X Kleanze Air, there was no such formulation that was safe enough to be used in diffuser systems.

“Bio-X has always been a safe, eco-environmentally friendly formula. For more than 20 years, our solution has proven over time that it produces no side effects in babies, pets, and humans. Singapore Turf Club has been using our solution exclusively for more than 15 years in their stables to protect the many million-dollar racehorses under their care. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I am convinced that our concept using humidifier/diffuser to diffuse Bio-X Kleanze will provide a more comprehensive protection as compare to all the approved surface disinfectants using synthetic chemicals, in curbing the spread of the airborne virus,” said KE Tan, owner and Managing Director of Okada Ecotech.

Pathogen-laced droplets travel through the air indoors when people talk, breathe or eat. In a recent publication by researchers Martin Z. Bazant and John W.M. Bush¹ from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it was reported that the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 indoors can be as great at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet in a room where the air is mixed. It is now known that airborne transmission plays a huge role in the spread of COVID-19, compared with the earlier months of the pandemic where hand-washing was considered the leading recommendation to avoid transmission. However, existing safety guidelines have omitted many factors to accurately quantify the risk of airborne transmission, such as time, mask use and ventilation rates. With that, Mr Tan then set out to find various international GLP labs that could test his hypothesis, and to confirm the safety factors with Bio-X Kleanze. After 15 months of rigorous testing of its efficacy and safety concern on exposure to skin, eye, inhalation and oral, all the results finally concurred with the initial hypothesis being effective and safe.

At Okada Ecotech, we undertake a big responsibility towards our customers to protect themselves and their loved ones. We invested  much into the research and development of Bio-X Kleanze Air to ensure that our products are safe and effective during these uncertain times”

KE Tan, Owner & Managing Director

Bio-X Kleanze eliminates up to 99.99% bacteria and viruses, and able to inactivate the COVID-19 coronavirus in 2 minutes, according to the EN 14476:2013+A2:2019² standard for elimination effectiveness. Based on the test result, Bio-X Kleanze Plus and VOC-Free Aerosol disinfectants have been approved by National Environment Agency (NEA) and classified as suitable surface disinfectants against the COVID-19 virus under the “Interim List of Household Products and Active Ingredients for Surface Disinfection of the COVID-19 Virus”³.


The solution’s water-based organic formula is bio- and photo-degradable, non-abrasive, non- corrosive, free of chlorine bleach, artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals, and carcinogens. Based on the OECD Guideline for Testing of Chemicals4, Bio-X Kleanze is scientifically proved a “non-irritant”. The Guideline tests for health hazards that may arise from exposure to substances through inhalation and application on skin and eyes.

There currently is a bundle promotion that contains 1 Bio-X Ultrasonic Humidifier (Purple/ Green), 1 PET Mixing Bottle and a 240ml bottle of Bio-X Kleanze Air Lavender for S$37 (U.P. S$56) or Pine at S$35 (U.P. S$54).

Bio-X Kleanze and Bio-X products can be purchased at FairPrice stores island-wide and on Bio Vectrol Singapore’s website


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Images: Okada Ecotech


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