Why Aren’t We Doing More Environmental Testing to Combat COVID-19?

As the rules relax a little more in Singapore, more people will be able to attend events such as weddings, live performances, sports events and even going back to the office. While pre-event testing is a pre-requisite for these activities, we wonder whether what other measures can be implemented besides clinical testing to ensure the safety of our communities?

If there is something even more dangerous than COVID-19, it’s the complacency and lowered vigilance towards the spread of community cases in Singapore. We’re convinced that our national prevention strategy of rigorous clinical testing is enough, but…is it really?

You see, for the clinical testing process to be foolproof, individuals need to ideally be tested on a daily basis to ensure real-time monitoring — so that there is no lag in the detection of cases and the spread can be contained immediately. Unfortunately, we are far from this utopian dream.

But we’re not here to dampen your spirits. We’re here to tell you that there is, in fact, another way to achieve this: environments such as surfaces, air and even wastewater can be tested everyday. Which is exactly what ScanmicronLAB, a Singapore-based biotechnology diagnostics company known for its proprietary environmental testing technology, thinks that many organisations and premises are missing out on when it comes to combatting COVID-19.

And hear this — its proprietary technology is capable of testing environments for the COVID-19 virus, and delivers test results with a 99.5% degree of accuracy in a mere 3 hours. Upon certified COVID-safe, premises will be able to access test results on the ScanmicronLAB Covid Security System (SCSS) and will be provided with a ScanmicronLAB’s CovidSafe™ seal as a badge of confidence that reassures the public on the premises’ safety level.

Of course, it’s not to say that clinical testing is no longer required! Rather, when it’s combined with environmental testing, the entire process forms a holistic top-down approach to fight COVID-19. Think of environmental testing as a crucial early warning (up to several days in advance) that allows time to pre-empt for outbreaks and the necessary response.

For more information on ScanmicronLAB, please visit their website https://scanmicronlab.com/.

Image: ScanmicronLAB

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