8-Minute Exercise to Tone Your Arms

We do make a lot of excuses to not exercise but one cannot deny that our modern busy lifestyles does make it hard to be motivated to go to the gym after work. However, we found a video by Suzie Wong that helps us tone our arms in only 8 MINUTES! No weights required and you can do it in the comfort of your home, even while watching television.

If you need any more motivation to follow her workout, know that Suzie is 50 years old and still so fit and toned! Definitely our role model and #AgingGoals.

We’ve tried the workout and it really is very easy but challenging nonetheless. You can also adjust the exercise and rest time according to your fitness level as you get stronger. In a nutshell, do each exercise for 1 minute and choose to rest either 30, 20, 10 or 5 seconds between each set:

Start with simple arm stretches and then go into:

  1. Open and close your arms in a 90° angle
  2. Cross your arms overhead and then pull down
  3. Hold your arms straight out to a T and rotate them front and back
  4. Rotate your shoulders from the deltoids and try to face your palm towards the ceiling with each rotation
  5. Keeping shoulders level and arms stretched, rotate your arms at the elbows inwards and outwards
  6. Tricep extensions
  7. Wall push ups (lean your body at about 45° angle from the wall)
  8. Plank

Check out Suzie’s full workout video below with tips and all!

Video: YouTube (CARE by Suzie)

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