Eating Right For Two with Karin G Reiter at The Precious Journey 2020

As the proud media partner of The Precious Journey 2020 that’s happening this 5 to 14 November, we are bringing you this series of interviews with presenters so that you get to know them better and their workshops.

Today, we speak to Wellness Warrior, Passionate Foodie and Environmental Enthusiast, Karin G Reiter. Besides being a proud mama of two, she spends her time working as a functional medicine and culinary nutritionist. Karin has consulted some of the largest organisations in the world (Google, Amazon, and more), and has seen the profound impact that small, yet significant changes, in one’s diet can make.

We find out more about what it means to be a functional medicine nutritionist and how every mother can eat right for two.

The Journey with Food

Q: Could you share with us a little bit about your relationship with food in the past?

Oh, I was a very very unhealthy eater. I ate a lot of junk food, although my mum cooked a lot of homemade food, I still ate tons of sweets and drank diet sprite whenever I could. This set my body up with a weaker immune system and ultimately was one of the root causes of my 2 autoimmune diseases – Hashimoto’s thyroid disease and Celiac disease.

Q: How did you change your mindset about nutrition and food from then?

After being diagnosed with not 1 but 2 Autoimmune diseases – I felt my life slipping out of control. I was told by doctors that I never would lead an “optimal” life and I had to adhere to the strictest of diets in order to maintain balance and function.

For me, life without enjoying the pleasures of food was not worth living – so I set out on a journey of healing – and my life long love affair with food took on a whole new dimension.

To find out about the root causes of my autoimmunity, I embarked on my second nutrition degree and studied functional medicine with an emphasis on culinary nutrition. Once I had addressed my own root causes (which took years by the way) and felt healthy again, I realised that nutrition was just part of the puzzle.

Through Functional Medicine, which evaluates the root cause of diseases, I realised that food could be a healer, more than just nourishing our bodies, feeding our minds and soothing our souls.

Healthy Eating

Q: The phrase “Eat Healthier” is often thought to mean staving off our favorite foods, eating bland and having little variety everyday. What are some of these perspectives you have heard and why might they be untrue?

To me – food is life, food is love, food is what connects us a people and as a culture. I do not eat bland foods and neither do my patients.

Anyone who knows cooking can make healthy food taste amazing. The quality of the ingredients is of utmost importance. If you have good quality ingredients you will have a delicious healthy meal. A healthy diet is a varied diet full of colours and nutrients.

The most common misconception about diet and nutrition is that the same diet works for everyone. And that the same diet works all the time (“fad diets”).

Everyone has individual dietary needs and intolerance’s which vary according to their health and lifestyle. The important thing is to find out what works for you and remember that there is no cookie-cutter approach. That’s why I build each individual an ongoing personalised wellness plan.

Q: What is important when it comes to nutrition for holistic pre and postnatal wellness?

Understanding the body’s nutritional needs, the babies’ needs and making sure we supply them to the mother. Avoiding foods that can harm the mother and baby and focusing on foods that will nourish the body.

Q: What are you hoping participants will take away from your talk during The Precious Journey 2020?

Come to The Precious Journey 2020 to get a better understanding of what to eat and avoid for optimal pre and postnatal wellness!

If you’re interested to attend Karin’s or other presenters’ sharings, please go to this website to register. Hurry while spaces last!

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