Healthy(ish) Chinese New Year Goodies to Celebrate With!

We’ve barely entered 2020 and it’s prep time for the Lunar New Year that will be happening on 25th January. While most people’s New Year Resolution includes “losing weight”, it is tough to stop the feasting with Christmas and Lunar New Year so close to each other. Thank goodness, some merchants are also jumping onto the health bandwagon and have come up with some healthier treats or alternatives to our usual favourites. Links to purchase these goodies will be at the end of this article. Let the festivities begin with these choices!

Biscuits and Cookies

Ondeh Ondeh Cookies (S$21)

Cedele has always come up with cookies and cakes that are crowd pleasers and this year, they have 14 varieties of cookies which includes their new creation of Ondeh Ondeh. This local twist is buttery with pandan pastry filled with gula melaka coconut.

If you have dietary restrictions, try their egg-free and baking powder-free flavours of Lemongrass Pistachio, Earl Grey Tea and Espresso Crunch. They also have the gluten-free Almond & Seeds Clusters which is packed with heart-healthy goodness of linseed, black sesame and almond flakes.

Herbal Chicken Cookies 富贵帝皇鸡 (S$23.80)

How about something that is really different? Herbal Chicken is renowned for its energy-boosting qualities, thanks to the use of nourishing herbs such as wolfberries, Chinese angelica dang gui, ginseng and star anise that are combined with a whole chicken, then steamed to extract the maximum goodness. Old Seng Choong, helmed by renowned local pastry chef Daniel Tay and his team, has come up with a snack version with these Imperial Recipes: Herbal Chicken Cookies that are not your typical biscuit but is a savoury treat with a pronounced aroma of dang gui.

Fatt Choy Cookies 蚝‘好’市发财 (S$23.80)

Besides the Herbal Chicken Cookies, Old Seng Choong has also taken the traditional Lunar New Year staple Cantonese dish of 蚝市发财 (Hao Shi Fa Cai – Dried Oysters and Fatt Choy or black moss) and turned it into a snack. These Taste of Fortune: Fatt Choy Cookies are buttery and brimming with the flavours of quality dried oysters and speckled with the black moss.


Pear Frangipane (S$38 whole)

If you want to wow your family and friends, check out Cedele’s Pear Frangipane where there is a gluten-free option that’s made with 100% almond, and topped with vanilla poached Peckham pears.

Ondeh Ondeh Cake (S$63 whole)

Besides the cookies, Cedele also has the cake version of Ondeh Ondeh which is eight layers of soft pandan and gula melaka cake with gula melaka filling and pandan curd, frosted with desiccated coconut. It is also baked with organic unrefined sugar, fresh cream and olive oil. It tastes exactly like our favourite ondeh ondeh – just fluffier thanks to the light chiffon cake layers!

Bak Kwa

Premium Bak Kwa (S$53.90 per 500g)

What’s Chinese New Year without bak kwa? These delectable barbecued meats is a crowd favourite but it is also notoriously unhealthy. However, Ryan’s Grocery has made theirs with hormone-free and antibiotics-free Borrowdale Carbon Neutral Free Range pork, and a recipe that uses 60% less sugar and salt than other brands. Moreover, their bak kwa does not contain any additives, preservatives and food colouring. They also have the spicy version that has been seasoned with their proprietary blend of spices and chilli oil. As no preservatives are added, it is best to chill or freeze the jerky and consume within 7 days of purchase (longer if frozen).

Nuts & Dried Fruits

We have nuts and then we have Abalone flavoured Macademia nuts – thanks to local brand Nibbles. The team has worked with nut producers in Brisbane, Australia to develop this abalone flavoured macademia, which is naturally buttery and has a unique umami twist thanks to the salty abalone seasoning blend. If you’re not a fan of abalone, then try their other flavoured nuts such as wasabi, honey and salted.

The brand also produces freeze fried fruits such as durian, mangosteen and pineapple – all of which are healthier than other types of dried fruits that often contain added sugars, additives and preservatives.

Yu Sheng

Prosperity Salad (S$45, good for 10 pax)

Toss to success with a healthier yu sheng such as the Prosperity Salad by Cedele that has smoked salmon, pulled sesame chicken, button mushrooms, quinoa, gingko nuts, cherry tomatoes, edamame, carrot, Japanese cucumber, mixed seeds and plum sesame dressing.

Chopsuey Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’ (S$28++ for half, S$48++ for full)

Chopsuey Cafe has also come up with a healthier version of the yu sheng by replacing traditional ingredients with fresh trout, kale, celeriac, sprouts, red radish, blueberries and wild rice. This is followed by a perfectly balanced homemade dressing of calamansi, lemon juice, plum sauce, marmalade and Japanese vinegar.

Where to get them Chinese New Year goodies


Merchant Website/ Address Promotions
Cedele Buy 10 boxes of cookies and get 15% off, while stocks last.
Buy 5 whole cakes and get 10% off, while stocks last. Cedele Members
2X Rebates on all Chinese New Year goodies valid till 8 Feb 2020.
Cedele $-points will be automatically credited into account.
Receive an S$28 e-voucher with a minimum S$328 nett spending (applicable with accumulated spend) on Chinese New Year goodies until 8 Feb 2020.UOB Card Holders
10% off valid till 8 Feb 2020.
Chopsuey Cafe 10 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247700
Available 13 Jan to 8 Feb 2020.

Dine-in/ takeaway at the cafe.

Old Seng Choong 20% off from now till 5 Jan 2020.
15% off from 6 to 24 Jan 2020.


Chinese New Year Bazaar 2020 @ Chinatown
46 Temple Street (3 to 24 Jan, 11am to 1pm)

20% off with code ‘nibbles‘ online.

Free shipping for orders above S$100.

Ryan’s Grocery 10% off bak kwa orders before 6 Jan 2020.

10% off meat orders before 16 Jan 2020.

Have a great Lunar New Year and remember to eat these Chinese New Year goodies in moderation! Need more tips on how to maintain your health over the festive season, check out our earlier article here.

Photos: Cedele, Chopsuey, Old Seng Choong, Nibbles and Ryan’s Grocery


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