Educating Children on Stroke with FAST 995

The Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) has launched a stroke education programme named Fast Heroes 995 that is targeted at children aged five to six years old. This programme by SNSA as part of its education mission and is supported by the Angels Initiative. This is also endorsed by the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) and is being piloted in Brazil, South Africa and Singapore. The main aim of the FAST Heroes 995 project is to educate children and their families to be able to recognise the three main stroke symptoms and call the Singapore Emergency number (995) in case of a stroke emergency. The campaign will start as a pilot programme with the aim to reach 500 children in selected schools in Singapore by 2020.


Key aspects of the programme

The FAST Heroes programme is an animated character-based educational programme with the central character, Timmy, who becomes a FAST Hero by learning how to beat the Evil Clot and save the Grandheroes in his life (his grandparents).

Every week, one of the FAST heroes will be presented, followed by some fun activities to help the children remember the week’s message.

To help the children with their mission of educating their family, it is recommended that parents or guardians register the family on the website.

They can then follow the programme online and share in the fun. Each week, the children will perform a task on two activity cards that they will place in the two Grandhero envelopes so that this can be mailed to their chosen Grandheroes at the end of the programme.

SNSA Partnership with the Angels Initiative

The partnership between SNSA and Angels Initiative form the framework for the pilot of the FAST Heroes programme in Singapore to drive home recognition of stroke using the FAST scale and to advocate timely action when stroke occurs.

It is agreed upon that this partnership will enable the pilot of FAST Heroes programme to generate a lasting impact on the target audience as well as complement the Singapore government’s efforts in improving public stroke awareness.
To find out more about the FAST Heroes programme or any other information regarding stroke, please visit

Photos: Singapore National Stroke Association


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