More Sustainable Grocery Shopping in Singapore

With increasing efforts to reduce waste, some shops have stopped giving plastic bags and some have even promoted zero packaging. This lifestyle has definitely landed in Singapore with grocers such as Unpackt, The Source Bulk Foods and Little Farms (which has swapped single-use trays with 100% compostable trays), marking further steps towards cultivating healthy lifestyles and building a healthier planet.

Interior of The Source Bulk Foods

The Source Bulk Foods is Australia’s largest bulk foods and zero waste retailer, and their first outlet in Singapore is located at Cluny Court. The store may be compact at 650 square feet, but it carries a wide range of pantry staples, numbering over 350 products that include whole foods and treats, packaging-free household products. Founded in 2012 in Byron Bay, Sydney, Australia, The Source Bulk Foods has established itself as a pioneer of sustainable living, promoting an ethos of zero packaging, as well as encouraging customers to buy and use only what is needed. The brand also prides itself on offering good old-fashioned service – shopping at The Source Bulk Foods is akin to dropping by a friendly neighbourhood grocer, where customers are received with a warm and genuine welcome.

Shopping at The Source Bulk Foods

The Source Bulk Foods encourages customers to bring along refillable bags, containers, or jars, as well as purchase as much or as little as needed. Franchise Partner, Sarah Widjaja, who is also a full-time Nutritionist, explains, “The Source Bulk Foods is revolutionising the way we shop. At every step of the way, suppliers, retailers, and customers can reduce their use of unnecessary packaging and single-use plastics. By buying only what is needed, we can also minimise food waste.”

Shopping at The Source Bulk Foods is simple and fun, involving just three easy steps: grab a bag (or refill a jar), write the product code, and fill the bag with the desired amount of the chosen product. Customers then proceed to the cashier, where their groceries will be weighed, and payment can be made.

Visitors may browse the store’s affordable range of products, which have been carefully sourced and selected for quality, and which caters to vegan, paleo, organic, and gluten-free diets.

Pantry Staples

Stocked with plenty of ingredients for the kitchen, The Source Bulk Foods is every home-cook’s dream! Pick from beans, grains, seeds, and flours, to herbs and spices, nuts; whether raw, insecticide-free, roasted, salted, or smoked, as well as a variety of cooking oils and condiments.


A selection of products and quick meal options will satisfy any appetite. Opt for the Goji & Coconut Granola (S$7.25 per 100g); a mix of tangy goji berries, coconut flakes, seeds, and nuts, or the Organic Cacao Buckinis (raw buckwheat kernels) (S$4 per 100g) for a delicious breakfast. Customers may also refill their supply of nut butters – a single flavour or blend; freshly ground to the consistency of choice (smooth, medium, or crunchy), will be available daily (from S$4.95 for 210g jar).

Otherwise, the ingenious ‘recipe-in-a-jar’ blends are nutritious time-savers for busy city dwellers: the Coconut Curry Lentil Mix (S$15.95) combines organic lentils, brown rice, and aromatic spices, and is ready in 20 minutes with just the addition of water or stock; while the sinful Chocolate & Walnut Brownie Mix (S$29.95) can be whipped up in under an hour!

Health and Super Foods

For those looking for an extra health boost, ingredients such as Organic Maca Powder (S$5.70 per 100g), Beef Bone Broth Powder (S$30 per 100g), and Spirulina (S$10 per 100g) are also available. Customers may also refill their honey jars with 100% pure Raw Australian Honey (S$2.49 per 100g), exclusive to The Source Bulk Foods – different varieties will be available based on seasonality.

Household and Reusables

Besides kitchen essentials, The Source Bulk Foods also provides waste-free options for the home. Some useful additions are the Lemon Myrtle Dish Washing Powder (S$1.35 per 100g), and Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder (S$1.25 per 100g). For a little self-care, lather up with packaging-free soap and shampoo bars (from S$7.50). Made with natural ingredients, these products are gentle on the skin, clothes, and the environment.

Produce Bags

To supplement the community’s waste reduction efforts, the store is supplied with reusables such as the sleek and handy The Source Stainless Steel Water Bottle (from S$24.95), Produce Bags (S$20); available in four different sizes for holding fruits and vegetables, Beeswax Wraps(S$29.95), and the stainless steel and durable Warrior Lunch Box (S$50). Shoppers who are short on refillable containers will also have a great selection of glass jars and bottles (from S$1.95) to choose from.

Do they deliver?

Customers may also choose to shop online at and delivery is free for orders above S$50.

The Source Bulk Foods

501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun, 8.00am to 8.00pm


Photos: The Source Bulk Foods


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