Get a Personalised Retreat in Bali with DNA Testing

REVIVO Wellness Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali has partnered with GenePlanet to be the first wellness resort in the world to offer a unique wellness service and bespoke retreat based on your DNA. NutriFit is REVIVO’s preventative DNA testing service package which is also part of its personalised nutritional retreat. Based on the results of the NutriFit test, the expert REVIVO Wellness Coach will develop a tailored programme using this information to create a nutrition and lifestyle plan.


As part of the exclusive programme, each guest will receive a DNA testing kit before they visit the resort and with the guidance of the REVIVO Wellness Coach, the test samples will be sent to the laboratory for a full analysis report. This report helps the team in REVIVO understand more about the guest’s metabolism, genetic predisposition and genetic factors. These insights will allow a more effective and comprehensive guide to help guests achieve personal sport, nutrition, and health goals. The NutriSkin report can also provide insight into one’s genetic predisposition to wrinkles, cellulite and other skin conditions.


On arrival at the REVIVO Wellness Resort, the wellness coach will give each guest a full explanation of their results and talk through the impacts and changes that guests can make to improve their lifestyles. Based on the genetic insights, a schedule of fitness exercises (classes including Pilates, yoga and meditation as well as spa treatments) will be recommended. During this bespoke retreat, guests will be provided with freshly prepared organic meals based on the nutritional information from the genetic reports.


Laurie Mias, Founder of REVIVO Wellness Resort said, “We introduced NutriFit to help our guests understand how their body functions and reacts to certain types of food and exercises. By using this information, our team of experts is able to offer an effective personalised plan to help guests achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.”

REVIVO Wellness Resort is offering a special package for guests who book a minimum stay of 6 nights in advance (40 days before travel) with a one-time complimentary NutriFit package per person. There are three different NutriFit packages that start from US$250 per person.

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