Lose Weight, Improve Immunity and Sleep While Burning Calories?

Sounds miraculous? You did not read wrong. There is a new weight loss solution called Cryotherapy, which has garnered the likes of celebrities and star athletes such as Kevin Hart, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tony Robbins. But besides losing weight, cryotherapy also works in relieving sports-related injuries and regular muscle aches. With the new nitrogen-free Cryotherapy introduced into Singapore by ONLY Aesthetics through Slimpify (the world’s first slimming clinic run by doctors), we are giving away three trial sessions – find out how at the end of this article!

The science behind Cryotherapy

So how does cryotherapy work? The human body consists of two types of fat cells – one that reacts to heat via exercise, and one that reacts to cold. Cryotherapy, therefore, works to target and diminish the latter type of fat cells by using immense cold (below-freezing temperature of -110°C) for up to three minutes to trigger endorphins.

Fondly referred to by ONLY Aesthetics as “the coldest place in Singapore”, the nitrogen-free Cryo chamber differs from regular Cryo chambers because of its ability to maintain a consistent, effective cooling effect while usual Cryo chambers run the problem of producing irregular waves of nitrogen gas. After an individual is exposed to the cool and dry air vapours within the Cryo chamber, the body directs blood and nutrients to the vore and vital organs as a defense mechanism. This can be thought of as a survival mode function, which the body tries to activate. Blood is also oxygenated and flushed of toxins and lactic acid. After the treatment, the newly-oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood rushes throughout the body, promoting improved immunity levels, metabolic rate, cell renewal and natural pain relief. For up to eight hours post-treatment, the body burns 1,200 to 1,500 calories (equivalent to a 120-minute run) and that is why weight loss comes naturally as a result of the amount of energy used to reheat the body.

Is Cryotherapy safe?

Pumped with oxygen instead of nitrogen for inhalation, the oxygenated air stimulates the vagus system, releasing endorphins into the body. ONLY Aesthetics and Slimpify also ensure that a trained, medical aesthetician accompanies the individuals through the entire procedure. Anyone can leave the chamber immediately if they feel uncomfortable during the treatment.

The experts at ONLY Aesthetics assure that hypothermia will not be induced as the body is able to consistently regulate one’s blood flow within the chamber. The exposure to the cold is also too short for hypothermia to set in.

Best part? There is no downtime for this procedure and while some may feel a bit of numbness in the limbs due to the cold, this will quickly go away after walking around.

The benefits


Besides the obvious benefit of weight loss, the cold treatment tackles concerns such as aging and chronic diseases as it also aids in the tightening of the skin and increasing collagen production in the body. Cryotherapy has the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body, allowing the body’s healing process to target more than one area at a time. For sports-related injuries, pain management is optimised through Cryotherapy thanks to the stimulation of the vagus nerve, which reduces anxiety and fatigue through a natural relief.

Closely associated with weight loss is also a healthier sleep pattern, which then allows the body to efficiently repair and detox, and thus inciting greater weight loss. Through Cryotherapy, the extra oxygenated blood distributed throughout the body relaxes both mind and body, which is why one would see an improvement in nightly rests. With better sleep and reduced fatigue, it is also natural to feel more energised in the day.

Our giveaway!

As mentioned at the start of this article, we have three free trials to ONLY Aesthetic’s Cryotherapy to giveaway! How to win? Follow these simple steps:

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Our contest ends at midnight, 29 May and winners will be announced via our Facebook page as well as Instagram on 30 May.

If you’re still unsure about Cryotherapy, do stay tuned for our review when we take the plunge into the coldest place in Singapore! Nonetheless, we also recommend continuing a healthy lifestyle that incorporates proper nutrition and exercise.

Photos: ONLY Aesthetics, Pixabay and Unsplash



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