5 Skincare Tips for Aging Skin

When it comes to skin, its appearance is influenced by two things: genetics and the way we care about it. While you can really change your own set of genes no matter what, what you can absolutely control is your own skincare regimen and modify it to suit your own needs. A good routine goes a long way in giving you a radiantly plush complexion, and as long as you educate yourself about what kind of things you might need, you won’t have any trouble looking youthful. Longing for a fresh, smooth face that looks good no matter what? Then let us show you some excellent tips to help you out.

Wear sunscreen every single day


It’s been scientifically proven that sunscreen can reduce signs of aging, but there’s a trick – you have to use it every single day. Regardless of whether it’s sunny or cloudy, whether it’s summer or winter, applying sunscreen every morning can really help with fine lines, and if you manage to reapply it once or twice during the day, you’ll be totally protected. It’s really one of the best things you can do for your skin, just make sure that SPF products are always the last layer in your skincare routine. If you put something over them other than makeup, you might reduce their effectiveness.

Combine physical and chemical exfoliants


Physical exfoliants are basically scrubs – they usually contain sugar, seeds, or other tiny particles that can be used to rub at your skin and remove the outer layer that’s full of dirt, bacteria, and dead cells. They’re excellent at cleaning out your pores and it’s a good idea to use them once or twice a week, and you can also use AHA and BHA-based products to make the routine even more effective. These chemical exfoliants work similarly to chemical peels, and they’re particularly good for aging and textured skin because they can smooth it out and make it firmer. If you want to start using these products you’ll have to get your skin used to them slowly because they tend to tingle when you first apply them, so make sure to use low-strength formulas in the beginning and only do this once a week. Never combine both physical and chemical exfoliation in one go.

Treat age spots safely


Hyperpigmentation spots are something most women with aging skin have to deal with (especially if they haven’t been regular with their use sunscreen in the past). To treat them, you should turn to ingredients such as hydroquinone that can subtract discoloration, and retinol and vitamin C that will brighten your complexion significantly. If you want to remove age spots you can absolutely do it as long as you’re very consistent with your skincare and use these ingredients to target your specific skin issues. Simply apply the right products each morning and each evening, and you’ll soon be looking at a huge improvement.

Pat your serums in


Serums are great because they have such a light consistency so our skin can absorb them with no trouble, and they can easily deliver a lot of active ingredients. However, if you want to use them to their full potential, don’t rub them in. Apply a small amount, then pat it in gently with your fingertips, and wait a few minutes so your skin can soak them up fully. You might want to follow the popular Korean Honey Skin trend too – where many swear that their skin gets a lot more moisturised following this regime.

Avoid alcohol in your products

If the label says “ethanol” somewhere high up on the list of ingredients, it’s usually not something you want to put on your skin. Alcohol will dry out your skin and make it crepe-y, and it’s usually found in toners and cleaners. Make sure your cleansers are very gentle because harsh, astringent products are only ever good for people with extremely oily, acne-prone skin and no one else.

Pick the right makeup


Even makeup can have some great skincare properties, and aging skin benefits from using the kind of products that are full of hydrating ingredients, especially when it comes to foundation. Unless you have some severe discoloration or pimples to cover up, your best bets are BB creams and light foundations. They’re not only light and nourishing, but they usually fit very nicely over your skin and don’t get into every crease the way full-coverage foundation does. You’ll have a smooth but natural complexion to show off.

Remove makeup with oil


Makeup removing wipes aren’t necessarily bad for our skin, but we usually use them by rubbing at our face harshly as we try to get all the traces of foundation and mascara off. Instead of that, it’s a much better idea to use cleansing oil – rub it all over your face gently, let it sit for a minute, and then start removing makeup with a cotton pad. Oil will melt off the products and make it easier for them to be removed, and this method won’t require you to tug at your skin. This means a lot less wrinkles and irritations to deal with.


As you can see, it’s all about being gentle and consistent, and about using the right kind of ingredients. As long as you develop a good routine that works for your lifestyle you’ll have a fresh, glowy complexion and a beautiful face.


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