How to Get the Latest K-Beauty Craze – Honey Skin

It seems like South Korea is leading in the beauty trends and craze, with ‘glass skin’ and ‘honey skin’ being in trend. Imagine having plump, dewy and healthy skin that seems to glow like honey. That’s the reason how the term ‘honey skin’ was coined. Thus, if someone says that you have skin that is like the sticky bee sap, take it as a compliment!

Some popular beauty influencers have gone on the K-wave and with their honey or glass skins, many have claimed not to apply on any foundation but only simple mascara or a bit of gloss to look fab.

Step 1: Slick on oil

Oil-based cleanser is the first step to help remove all the oil-based impurities on the skin, such as sunblock, makeup and even sebum. If you have oily skin, it may seem contradictory to use an oil cleanser but it really removes a lot more impurities than a simple water-based cleanser, which then helps the control of the sebum. We love Palmer’s Facial Cleansing Oil as it gently removes makeup without leaving behind any residue and is suitable for all skin types.

Step 2: Wash it off with a water-based cleanser


Remove any remaining residue with a water-based cleanser and do use a hydrating one to prevent stripping the skin dry. This preps your skin to be better able to absorb the products that follow. From personal experience, this dual-cleansing removes dirt and makeup a lot better than only cleansing once or using makeup wipes followed by a facial cleanse.

Instead of drying your face with a towel, pat dry your face and when it’s damp and going to be dry, go onto the next step.

Step 3-9: Slap on the toner (or essence)


If you’re already in-the-know about Korean beauty trends, then the 7 Skin Method shouldn’t be unfamiliar with you. For the rest, the 7 Skin method involves applying a hydrating, non-alcoholic and fragrance-free toner 7 times in thin layers. The rationale is that this method allows your skin to absorb one thin layer of the toner so that more of the product is eventually absorbed. And by doing it 7 times, the skin is getting a healthy amount of the hydrating ingredients, which is how your skin will get hydrated, dewy glow.

That said, you do not need to apply all 7 layers. It really depends on your skin type as well as how hydrating your toner is, and if your skin is already well hydrated, you may cut it down to 3 or 4 layers. Simply try it first to see how your skin reacts. Make sure that you allow sufficient time in between layers to allow your skin to properly absorb the products. Don’t rush all the layers as you’ll risk your skin not absorbing any product. You may also want to end off with a serum before the final layer of moisturiser. Don’t forget to lightly pat product under your eyes as this will also prevent eye bags or panda eyes.

Step 10: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise


Finish the regime by applying a good moisturiser with SPF in the day or a richer night cream in the evenings. If you have combination skin, then you can go light on the T-zone. This will help to seal in all the goodness from the previous layers and ensure that your skin is well hydrated throughout the day or night.

Want a more immediate dewy glow, then mix your moisturiser with a few drops of highlighter to give it that extra boost during the day!

Weekly extras


On top of these steps, it is also important to exfoliate your skin once a week. This helps to unclog pores and dead skin cells, allowing the new skin to show through. After the scrub, simply apply 1 layer of toner, 1 layer of serum before putting on a hydrating mask. This will act a lot like the 7 Skin Method but it is definitely a lot more intense since the ingredients are a lot more hydrating and you’re allowing your skin a longer time to absorb the product.

Bottom line

Do a little bit of research about various product types that suit your skin first before you embark on this method and it is key that you learn how to customise it to eventually suit your own complexion. Not sure about you…but all this talk about honey skin has made me want to eat some honey! Hmm…it probably might be good for the skin too! 😉

Photo credits: Althea Inc, Avene, EAMART and Calum Lewis on Unsplash



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