The Science Behind Essential Oils and Skin Care

People are waking up to the fact that the beauty industry churns out skincare products full of synthetic chemicals and places them onto the shelves. This is why essential oils are taking the world by the storm. However, the application of these organic oils for skincare is not a novel trend or a noteworthy discovery. In fact, essential oils have been mixed into traditional balms long before the beauty industry ever existed!

Today, we have the power of technology and science in our hands, which gives us detailed insight into the processes of how these oils work and why you should use them.

The powerful essential oils

Essential oils are mostly strong solutions extracted from plants. They can be extremely volatile and dangerous in those concentrated doses (as in the case of oregano oil), so they are used as a tiny ingredient in a rich recipe that contains a number of other oils and herbal solutions. When it comes to volatility, even if they are not particularly strong, they will evaporate from your skin quicker than you can say “moisturiser”. In other words, dilution is the only way these oils will have the intended effect.

The 101 of carrier oils

Other oils that are mixed with essential oils in specific ratios are called carrier oils. Their vital property is their stability and the fact that they can bind essential oils without annulling their therapeutic qualities. For example, pumpkin, coconut, olive, jojoba, and sea buckthorn seed produce oils which are good carrier examples. However, they are not used exclusively for beauty products – their application can be found in numerous niches of cosmetic and healthcare industry. Probably the best example that combines both of these niches is the production of sunscreen.

The skincare oil as old as civilisation

When it comes to skincare specifically, there are several types of oil which are considered, well, essential. One of these is the widely lauded Moringa oil, which has been used over 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians and Hindus. The scientific research today has shown that it is packed with antioxidants which reinvigorate the skin and protect it from sun damage.

The rising popularity of hemp oil


In addition, we are witnesses to the booming popularity of skincare products based on hemp oil. In fact, all of the hemp-related products are getting the buzz now, but if we talk about herbal oil specifically, the amazing industrial hemp is the source of soothing CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The hemp seed produces one of the finest carrier oils out there and combined with other herbal products it does wonders for your skin. Moisturiser mixtures are particularly fashionable these days.

The almighty argan oil


When it comes to essential oils for skincare, hardly any other tincture gets as much spotlight as argan oil (not to be confused with oregano oil). Extracted from the plant Argania Spinosa, this essential oil has its roots in traditional Morocco skincare, but it has taken the western world by a storm. It tightens the skin, which is essential for non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Regular use of this oil can restore the hydrated quality of your membrane and elasticity of your tissue. It’s no wonder then that it has become such a sought-after liquid in the realm of cosmetics.

The all-mighty carrot

Since we live in hectic modern times which can get quite overwhelming every now and then, people are looking for a “miracle plant” that is versatile enough to cover multiple areas of lifestyle and body care. Carrot is one such plant. Regular ingestion will replenish your body with Vitamin A, K1, B6 and potassium and it will protect your eyesight from constant screen glaring. In addition, carrot seed oil is a very effective skin revitaliser for dry and aging skins. It is even a helpful factor if you are treating superficial skin injuries and it promotes sebum production.

Conclusion – the beneficial constituents

All of these natural oils are rich in nutrients but the key aspect that makes them so rejuvenating for one’s skin is the fact that they are rich in fatty acids. Also known as carboxylic acids, they are a nutritious “food” for your skin cells and they create a soft, protective barrier on the surface. This makes your skin appear smooth, shiny and, above all else, healthy. They initiate biological mechanisms for excess sebum removal, which is why your skin stays so smooth without getting oily. Herbal oils that are beneficial for skin are also rich in polyphenols, the compounds that prevent cellular damage. Such beneficial constituents have secured the place of essential oils in the future of skincare industry.


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