DIY Christmas Decorations

‘Tis the season to be jolly and creative! Try some of these DIY Christmas decorations that you can do by yourself or with your children this festive season. These can also be used as holiday gifts for your neighbours or loved ones!



  1. Cut off the bottoms of plastic bottles with a penknife.
  2. Now decorate them with glitter glue or coloured markers.
  3. Lastly, tie a string or ribbon at the top of the plastic bottoms and hang on your Christmas tree.

Jingle Bells


  1. Firstly, bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist to make a loop. This is how you’ll hang it on your tree.
  2. Thread one end of the pipe cleaner through the little loop on the bell, fold the end over and twist to secure. Snip the other end of the pipe cleaner so it’s shorter and add a second bell on the other end of the pipe cleaner. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner to secure.
  3. Take a second pipe cleaner and add a bell to it just like you did in step 2.
  4. Place the third bell with the others so that it hangs the lowest. Take the opposite end of that pipe cleaner and wrap it around the first pipe cleaner right under the loop. Now you may hang them on your Christmas tree!

Modern Christmas Wreath


  1. Get some gold rings of different sizes. Then find some old pine cones and flowers from any old decorations. It is always best to reuse your old decorations.
  2. Then get some floral wire, tape and gold string. Use the wire to attach the florals to the gold rings.
  3. Use your creativity to do this if you want to add some bells would be great!
  4. To connect the rings together use floral tape first, then cover it with gold string. It’s so easy and is the best for those who are looking for a minimalist design that doesn’t scream ‘Christmas’!
  5. And you’re done! hang it on the window or door and lets this deco heighten your Christmas spirit!

Customised ornaments


Super easy and fun-bonding activity to do with your kids!

  1. Get any old big glass ornaments.
  2. Then paint your kid’s palm with white regular craft paint.
  3. Next, place the ornament on their palms facing upright, flat palm & fingers out.
  4. Slowly make them close their palm. However, make sure that they don’t move their fingers much. After a few seconds, ask them slowly to remove their hand.
  5. Leave it somewhere to dry.
  6. After that, use a marker and even cut small pieces of cloth to create little scarves. You can even write down your child’s name and the year and you’ve created this keepsake! Have fun!

Winter Ice Wreath


This is suited for those living in temperate countries but for us in the tropics, you can substitute the water/ice with clear acrylic.

  1. Forage in your kitchen and yard for natural decorations, including cranberries, apple slices, evergreen needles, and star anise. Avoid items that might be unhealthy for birds or animals to eat, such as foods containing artificial sugars or dyes.
  2. First, freeze an inch of water in a Bundt or tube pan. Scatter the ingredients on top of the ice, fill with another inch or so of water, and return to the freezer. After a few hours, add another inch of water to freeze. Repeat once more for a longer-lasting wreath.
  3. Once your last layer is solid, briefly run the mould under warm water to loosen the sculpture. Loop strong ribbon or twine through the centre of the wreath and hang it on a sturdy branch or hook outside. As the ice melts, birds will feast on the exposed decorations.

These personalised Christmas decorations will make your Christmas more special for your family and loved ones where these unique ornaments can be passed down to your children (and grandchildren), creating a lifetime of memories.


Photo Credits: For creative juice, the girl creative, Pinterest, Sugar and Charm, Woman’s Day, Housing a Forest


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