4 Steps to Transform Your Home for The Coming Holidays

Christmas lovers, let’s talk about home improvements. You will agree that there is nothing better than being able to make something you have in mind with your own two hands and create a perfect, unique home, just the way you want. Adding just a few updates to your home can make it look like a dream come true. If you’re stuck and need fresh ideas, here are some popular trends (you can DIY, of course) to take as inspiration for creating a home of your dreams, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.

Open-concept living

Open home space with wooden table and wooden kitchen countertop

Creating an open-concept plan that feels cozy in your home is easy, especially if you have a clear idea of how you want it to look. Connecting the living room with the kitchen and dining room area will make it easier to keep things under control, meaning entertaining guests while preparing food and drinks or keeping an eye on kids while cooking.

You can create different zones by using furniture to divide the space. Your home will look bigger; there will be more natural light, and you will create a travel-destination space where the whole family can spend time dealing with their wanderlust. When you opt for open-concept living, you have to keep in mind that overcrowding is not an option!

Minimising the amount of furniture or using just a few bigger pieces is the right thing to do to achieve a modern and cozy look at the same time. Installing a hammock bed instead of a sofa in your living room area will make your inner child very happy, your children even happier, and your living room looks fun.

Ample kitchen counters

When it comes to counter space in the kitchen – it’s never enough. You always need one more surface to put something on while cooking (I know I do), so make sure to have enough surface space as well as storage space. It is a great option to consult with a kitchen designer, and based upon available space, install a large kitchen island that you can use as a dining table and storage system at the same time. That way, you will get even more space out of the dining room area and expand your living room or improvise and make a home office.

With enough storage space, you can put away all the utensils and make a simple kitchen look like a home design magazine cover. Adding a vase with colourful flowers and a fruit bowl or two will add up to the whole look and make you feel inspired to cook! Or you can add a vertical garden with various herbs that not only looks amazing, but you can also use the herbs while preparing meals. Not to mention that your open-concept living will smell wonderfully exotic!

Mega storage is a must

The modular shelving system is a must in the 21st century modern home. Somehow we have become surrounded by things we don’t really need and don’t often use. That is where a modular shelving system comes in handy (until you decide what stays or goes) because you can adapt it according to your needs and the number of things to store.

You can go a step further and opt for an open-concept shelving system where everything is on display, and it is considered a part of your home décor. If you lead a busy lifestyle, then this option might not be the right solution for your modern home because you will need more time for cleaning. But on the plus side, it will prevent you from over-crowding the shelves.

Using a space under stairs as storage is a smart way to put away all belongings you are not using and keep them hidden or adapt the space for all the books you own. You can even make a small, tucked reading nook under the stairs where you can hide and enjoy your favorite books and relax from all the hustle and bustle.

Dress up the outdoors

Since spring is just around the corner, it is a perfect time to start preparing the outdoor area and create a backyard getaway, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the early spring sun. What you need to do is dress up your deck or patio and update pergolas and awnings. Installing a retractable pergola adding sunbed garden chairs with a lot of colourful pillows for extra comfort will make your outdoor area look and feel like a holiday resort.

Make your deck a destination by creating different zones and multiple layers within the space, or add an outdoor kitchen or backyard outdoor cinema (because why not?!) perfect for entertaining guests on hot summer nights. Plant a lot of spring-blooming shrubs and bushes, and voila – an easy to DIY, a charmingly stunning oasis in your backyard.

Following these ideas for your DIY projects will help you transform your home to look like a perfect getaway destination, but in the comfort of your own home. You just need to lean back and enjoy the holiday celebration vibe.

Images: Envato


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