Know All The Important Facts About Implants Retained Dentures

Implant retained denture is that kind of denture or over-denture which is supported by an implant or is attached to the jaws. When compared to the regular denture, implant retained denture doesn’t rest on the gums but is supported by the implant. Here, the denture clips onto the implant in order to keep it in place. This option is better than traditional and removable dentures as there is no need to use gums, adhesives, and powders. Thus, the denture retained or held by the implant is known as implant retained dentures. The facial structure is maintained with the help of implant. The lip and jaw also get the needed support and this tends to minimise wrinkles around the mouth.

You can use implant retained denture to replace missing teeth at cost-effective rates. The over-denture is supported by implant of the jaw. This kind of implant is only used when an individual does not have teeth in the jaw but has bones to support an implant. At least two implants will be required to support denture but it again relies on your needs and condition. It is made for the lower jaw since regular denture can’t work on lower jaw owing. But, one can receive this sort of implant both on the lower and upper jaws. It will be assessed when you are consulting with your dentist.

The Function Of Implant Retained The Denture

It performs the very basic function of restoring chewing ability. The person who opts for this sort of implant can even chew hard food substances. There is no embarrassment resulting from loose dentures as such. You will see a great transformation just after 90 minutes of an implant treatment. It is the kind of over-denture used by those having no teeth in the jaws.

How To Care For Implant Retained Denture?

Just remove the implant-supported denture and clean the gum area and denture on a regular basis. As you would not sleep with the regular denture, you should not sleep with the implant retained the denture. Your dentist can suggest how to care for the implant. You may also opt for bridgework or fixed crown that cannot be removed.

Two Types Of Implant-Retained Denture

There are two kinds of implant-retained dentures and they are ball-retained denture and bar-retained denture. Both dentures feature an acrylic base to appear like gums. Acrylic teeth or porcelain teeth are attached to the base. No matter what type of implant you choose, they need two implants at the same time.

The Process Of Using An Implant

An implant is usually placed into the jawbone right in the front as there are more bones on the front jaw than the back, it is mainly preferred for the implant. Even if teeth have been missing for quite some time, this sort of implant can be used. When it comes to the timeframe for completing the implant, it can take a few months. For the lower jaw, it can take 5 months and during this time there will be denture placement and surgery. If there is any need for bone grafting, the process might take even a year. Mainly two surgeries are required in the process. An initial consultation will be required to find out whether or not the implant is suitable and even then, a customised implant solution is required.

An implant retained denture can retain your smile while providing better fit and feel. As such, do talk to your dentist to find out what is best for your needs.

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