Your Ultimate Guide to Look Cool at the Beach

The main purpose of beachwear is the practicality and of course, to look cool depending on your style. You do want your selfies to be fabulous in order to flaunt your body, especially when you have worked hard for it. A good bikini set should be able to withstand rough environments such as the sun, sand and sea. With the numerous online shops that are available, it certainly makes it easier for you to purchase beachwear that suits your budget and style. However, finding the right swimwear and accessories can be confusing. Here are some of the do’s and don’t’s to inspire you on how to look cool at the beach.

Don’t Wear a Swimsuit With a Million and One Straps

Why not? Unless you want to leave the beach with a maze of trippy tan lines.

Bikinis with many straps can leave with trippy tan lines

Instead, opt for a simple bikini or even a strapless one such as the one from Pour Moi, which ensures that you look evenly tanned when you’re wearing a tank top or sleeveless blouse after your beach trip. Do choose one that has ample support at the bottom either through underwire or a thicker strap to ensure that you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions. Unless you’re at a clothing-optional beach…

Pour Moi High Line Strapless Longline Bikini Top Black/White

A Cover Up is Meant to Cover You Up

Ladies, always keep in mind of the appropriate dress code of the nearest restaurant when you are choosing what to wear over your swimsuit. You would probably be hanging out there right after spending your day at the beach for a cool drink or munchies. Well, these two aren’t going to fit in the “No Shirt, No Shoe, No Service” rule.

Instead, do add a sheer cover up that is both comfy and trendy. Other option would be a beach kimono where you can style it with a simple white swimsuit or go all out with matching trousers.

White sheer cover up

Kimono style cover up

It is Beach Look Not Bedroom Look!

Don’t confuse people by walking out on the beach on your saucey bedroom look. Although you could win some date for the night. It’s best to keep your fantasy lingerie look in the bedroom. Thus, it is important to choose swimwear that doesn’t look like lingerie.

High Heels are a No-No for the Beach

The ever so famous Lady Gaga rocked in her high heels. Why not me? One word: impractical. Unless you want to struggle and sprain your ankles, it is best to stick with flip flops. You can always get stylish pairs such as those from FitFlop that combine comfort and style. Adorned with sparkling crystals in a leopard print pattern, these flip flops can even go from beach casual to evening!

Tiny is Not the Right Fit

Finding the right size of swimsuit can be frustrating especially when you are plus sized. You can always mix and match bikini tops and bottoms of the different sizes since we’re not all equally proportioned top and bottom. There are several options for curvy women at Brastop.

Curvy Kate Reflex Padded Balconnette Bikini Top Floral Print

Curvy Kate reflex Mini Bikini Brief Floral Print

Classic One-piece Swimwear

Bodysuits are back in trend. Every girl should definitely have one piece in her wardrobe and this is extremely flattering for those who are curvy. If you have a bold personality, choose a galaxy print or a realistic animal print or just stick with a single colour. You can also opt for Floral prints, which is a must-have swimwear for Summer 2018. Plus, there are an abundance of options when it comes to floral prints at Brastop.

Pour Moi Daydreamer Halter Padded Swimsuit Blue Multi 

Panache Florentine Swimsuit Blue/Floral

Keep Calm and Shield Your Face

The skin on your face is super sensitive and prone to wrinkles and sun spots. Remember to follow our tips on how to best to protect yourself from the sun and for further protection, a cute floppy bonnet and a pair of cool sunglasses should do the trick! Of course bathing suits, cover ups and hats are all fun but a cool sunglasses adds icing on the cake.

Rag & Bone Floppy Brim FedoraTommy Hilfiger Essential Sunglasses

If you want to have fun at the beach make sure you feel confident in what you wear. Play around with your style ’cause you deserve to feel like the beach babe you are!


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