Best Spots in South Pacific for an Active Vacation

If you are craving some time in the sun, but prefer an active vacation, there’s no place better than the South Pacific. This tropical paradise is full of hidden gems and islands that look straight up like a postcard or a computer wallpaper. But the South Pacific is literally dotted with incredible locations, islands and archipelagoes. It can be difficult to choose. Oh, what a sweet dilemma. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got your back. Take a look at our list, for some tried and true suggestions of the best ways and places to spend your holiday.

How to get there

First things first: there’s no way around it. The South Pacific is remote, wherever your starting point may be. That’s actually a huge part of its appeal, and one of the reasons the whole region is full of unspoiled beauty. The Pacific is the largest ocean on the planet, and the distances between the islands are by no means small. The fastest way, of course, is by plane. You’d be surprised how many of these tiny specks in the middle of the ocean actually have airstrips and are reachable by air. However, depending on your destination, the season, and especially if you’d like to island-hop a bit, flying can be unfeasibly expensive. The most reasonable way to reach the islands in terms of the price range is via budget last minute cruises. This is also the nicest way to see the most of the region and truly soak in the experience.

Forest adventure

Can you think of a more visceral experience than zooming your way down through a lush tropical rainforest, immersed entirely in its incredible sights, sounds and smells? This is exactly what a forest zip-lining adventure entails. There’s something inherently wild and animalistic about flying from tree to tree, and it’s certainly a unique way to see the jungle. If the idea piques your interest, perhaps Fiji should be your next holiday destination. Or, if you’ve already tried zip-lining, head to Vanuatu, where you can go for a walk you will remember for the rest of your life. We’re talking, of course, about the Bridges of Eden. The Bridges are suspended over a river, and there are three of them. With a combined length of around 100 metres, they will take you through the breathtaking forest on a walk unlike any other.

Canoe and kayak adventure

If you’d love to explore the jungle, but air is not really your element, maybe you can try a water-based adventure. Canoeing and kayaking are pretty popular in the Pacific Islands, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Our top location for canoeing is the Riri River in Vanuatu. There is something almost surreal in the tranquil waters of this river, surrounded by an ancient forest. Glide down the water in a traditional canoe, spotting wildlife as you go, only to finally reach the breathtakingly beautiful Blue Hole for a refreshing swim. Or visit the eucalyptus forests of New Caledonia, and wind your way down the Dumbea River in a kayak.

Snorkeling adventure

Snorkeling is probably the most beloved tropical holiday activity, and the South Pacific is among the best places in the world for it. It’s hard to pick a single destination, so we’ll settle for two of our favorites. First up is Mystery Island, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it uninhabited dot in the ocean. The crystal clear, shallow waters surrounding the island are full of coral reefs and delicate wildlife. You can enjoy the colorful fish from under the water, or even do a tour in a glass-bottom kayak. As for our second pick, let us introduce you to Amedee Island, a coral atoll just off New Caledonia. The calm, iridescently blue waters lapping at the white sands of the island are home to numerous species of coral and fish. This is also a great place to see endangered sea turtle species like green turtles and loggerheads.

The South Pacific is probably one of the last still pristine regions on the planet. It offers an unbelievable diversity when it comes to geography, wildlife and culture. Exploring these tiny specks scattered around the vast expanse of the ocean could take years, and – believe us – even then, you’d never get tired of the beauty.

Photo credits: Unsplash

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