Epic Cyclist: The Race for Kidney Dialysis

Sometimes all it takes to make a change is for someone to get up and strive to support others, even when it’s not something they expect to do. This was the case for the 64 cyclists who grabbed their bikes and pedalled for five days all in the hope of helping those less fortunate than them and that show of willpower allowed them to shine brighter.

Epic Cyclist is a group of cyclists made up of people from all over the Asia Pacific Region and every year, they take part in the KDF Millennium Ride – a five year old fundraising event.

Millennium Ride’s goal? To raise money for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation, which aims to help young children and people suffering from kidney related problems. This year, riders of all ages showed their strength by overcoming over 1200 Km, starting from Hat Yai and going through all the way to Thailand, Malaysia before closing out on Singapore in five days.

Crossing the long distances in the KDF Millennium Ride isn’t done by professional cyclists but instead, are those who come from all walks of life. What made this year more incredible is that the riders overcame previous years’ goal of riding 1,000km and rode through 200km more.

It wasn’t just riding either; they had to take in any climate changes that nature threw their way during their lengthy trial – from sweltering heat to thunderous rain, it wasn’t something that just anyone could’ve done.

Aside from a change in scenery (Epic Cyclist changes the terrain every year) and a new record of distance, this year also marked the first time that Epic Cyclist worked together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Their support was a great effort in supporting the cyclists by picking more scenic views and even showing them to the rest stops.

All of this work over the years has been a great success for the KDF, which has managed to raise a total of S$1.9mn over the last four years since the event started, with it looking to raise S$350,000 more this year with the new event.

We’re glad to hear that the event was a grade success and it goes to show how people are still willing to put themselves on the line for others, even if it means having to work hard. If you’re inspired to help the KDF out, then you can visit the foundation’s site for more information on how to donate, or you could even participate in next year’s event. For now, let’s follow the example of all these fantastic cyclists and strive to keep making the world a better place.

Photo Credits: Epic Cyclist

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