Lady Gaga Reminds Us of the Importance of Body Acceptance

Lady Gaga has quickly grown to become one of the more well-known and slightly controversial stars since her rise to fame in 2008, especially with her outlandish costumes and make up both on stage and in public. Having both thousands of fans and just as many haters, it’s not unusual to see her in the public for one thing or another. Lady Gaga is also unafraid to voice out her opinions on whatever topic she feels strongly about. And her comeback to those who body shamed her was classy and also one that was very positive.

After her, stunning performance at last Sunday’s Super Bowl in the US, the pop artist quickly drew attention from some people who thought they had to point out their thoughts on the idol’s appearance:

This little event sparked discussion pretty quickly, because Super Bowl performances always do, and Gaga’s fans (the affectionately called “Little Monsters”) jumped in to defend her and reassure her that they appreciated how she looked.

Of course, Lady Gaga herself didn’t need any saving, and she quickly went in to give her two cents about what she thought of the whole thing – primarily using this chance to spread a message of love and acceptance to everyone, and to point out how body shaming isn’t okay in any situation.

Of course, if you know us, then you’ll know that we’re totally on Gaga’s side of this (picking on someone cause of their weight is not cool guys) and think Lady Gaga did the right thing in defusing the situation as best she could. Spreading body acceptance is something that should be done every day as much as you can.

So, good work on the performance and we hope you keep rocking on Lady Gaga!

Photo Credits: Bill Board, Twitter

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