Best Exercises When You Have Your Period

Who likes to exercise during one’s period? There are cramps, feeling tired, lethargic and overall yucky. Even if you exercise regularly, there might be some positions or workouts that just make you feel a little lightheaded. But all of us know logically that if we skip a week of exercise, it will start to break the habit of exercising and may have a negative impact on our fitness goals.

But we understand. Exercising during menses isn’t the most comfortable thing to do (despite all the advertisements of sanitary pads showing ladies jumping around during their supposed periods). Nonetheless, not breaking your exercise routine is key and here are some exercises that you can switch to when Mother Nature visits.


Skip the hot yoga and go for a gentle yoga session. Stretching your muscles (especially the back muscles) will help alleviate the cramps that happen during your flow. This will also help replace your weight or strength training as you will be using your body weight as a resistance or weight training.


Similar to yoga, the stretches during pilates will help ease the cramps through the stretching of your muscles. You’ll be working your core so hard that you’ll forget about cramps and concentrate on building your abs!

Brisk Walking

Most experts don’t recommend overexerting yourself during your period but a brisk walk in the park is perfect for relaxation while also burning calories. Best part? You can do it with family members or your partner and bond with them while walking.

Basically, listen to your body and do the exercise during your period in the intensity that you’re able to do!

Photo credits: Pixabay

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