Miss Top of the World Plus Size, Fiona Tan, is Body Confident

We recently caught up with Fiona again in this new year as we reflect on what 2016 has brought. The plus size beauty is passionate about empowering women, especially those who are plus sized, to feel good about themselves. The Wellness Insider recently caught up with the plucky 29 year old to find out what the new year means to her in her journey to promote body confidence.

miss top of the world

Q: How do you think that your winning the title of Miss Top of the World Plus Size has done for plus sized women in Singapore or Asia?

I think it’s an eye opener and has probably turned heads for people who thought they had the definition of beauty = slim. It’s also a confidence booster to assure that Asians can also make a mark in Western Regions of the world. #asianpride

Q: What, in your opinion, is the greatest misconception of plus sized people?

Lazy, inefficient, ugly and/or dominating. I think these are characteristics that can be used to describe someone in particular, but it shouldn’t be used to describe a group of people, especially if size is the determining factor.

Q: What do you have to say to those who say that it is wrong to equate body positivity with obesity?

I guess there’s a misconception – I’m not trying to promote body positivity with obesity, I’m trying to promote Women’s Confidence regardless of size. On the flip side, how can people say dieting is also a definite positive message one is putting out there? Dieting, if not done right, can shorten one’s lifespan. Then you have the debate of whether plastic surgery is positive or not. It is a never ending mouthing off by some people who never think of the repercussions or the true meaning of a Plus Sized Pageant’s existence.

Q: What then does positive body image mean to you?

One who is comfortable within his/her own skin and makes an effort to look groomed. One who balances not only outer body image but also personal growth from within.

Q: What’s your motto in life?

No matter how big or small, you’re part of this world and what you do can cause a chain of reactions. Thus, make positive ripples today and make the world a better place.

Q: Could you tell us the story behind miss:fi:t?

miss:fi:t was founded in 2012 as a chic online platform providing ladies apparel and gowns designed by myself. I wanted to provide apparel that were affordable with a personal taste. It has since evolved into a wholesome platform that matches the right beauty products or services such as fashion styling, makeovers, make up services, pageantry mentoring/judging/organising and we are the only ones in Singapore who can custom blend a foundation to your skin type and colour. miss:fi:t was also named after my initials and has double meaning. Other than a personal brand, it also aims to fit (match) the right needs for our clients.

Q: Are you able to share some of the projects that you’re working on?

There may be a chance that the next plus sized pageant finals to be held in Singapore…and I’m looking to launch the custom blend cosmetics line, not only with foundation. Also revamping the website, a book and more to be revealed…

Q: We can’t wait! Any advice for people struggling with their body image or for parents who have children with body image issues?

Do not be misled by today’s media, you are beautiful in your own way, you just need to find something you really like about yourself and work on it. Parents could encourage their children not to focus on external beauty but what else that surpasses the importance of having that perfect body. I’m no expert but I would like to think positive enhancement in the right areas make a happy child.


We wish Fiona all the best in her business miss:fi:t as well as with her bringing the Plus Size pageant finals to Singapore! Looks like there a lot of exciting things to look forward to in 2017. If you would like to learn more about Fiona, you can follow her on Instagram @miss.fi.t. You can also check out the video interview we did with her below:


If you have a body positive story that you’d like to share with us, do tell us here!

Photo credits: Fiona Tan

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