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As Singapore reverts to Phase 2 and we are discouraged from going out that often, as well as gathering in smaller groups, some of us might find ourselves at home and wondering whether there’s anything else besides work and Netflix to entertain us. Or perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with what’s going on in the world now but feel helpless or in a rut. You’re definitely not alone and we at The Wellness Insider would like to recommend a few books that can soothe your mind, body or soul. Here’s our list of inspirational reads:

Cass by The Garden – Love & Forgive

Cassiopea Yap is a devoted mother, wife and entrepreneur as well as the author behind “Cass by The Garden – Love & Forgive”. The book is an autobiography as well as a self-help guide and go-to reference list for women who are caught in the same vicious hurt cycle as her and seek to make changes in their lives.

Written with pain, emotion and angst over the COVID-19 period, Cassiopea shares the trials and tribulations of her life from a young girl to a married woman, revealing her unhappy childhood, business challenges and failed marriage.

Despite her challenging life journey, Cassiopea’s difficult childhood to adulthood experiences have shaped her to be who she is now. Turning her struggles, mistakes and unfortunate circumstances into a favourable, positive and profitable situation, she is able to convert pain into power. In the book, she unveils how to make breakthroughs and transform with a new clarity for 2021 and beyond.

Specially in the month of May, in celebration of Mother’s Day and Cassiopea’s birthday, every purchase of the book will come with a gift containing a hand sanitiser, mirror and makeup pouch. In addition, Cassiopea’s team will provide a one-on-one consultation for every book order to help people rediscover what they want to achieve in life and guide them through the transformation into a new and improved version of themselves.

“Cass by The Garden – Love & Forgive” is available for purchase online at

Building Body Confidence

If you are or know someone who is struggling with body image issues, then this book is for them. It is a compilation of interviews with prolific individuals such as Eunice Olsen, Presenter and Actress; Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World (Plus Size) 2016, Cheryl Tay, Founder of Rock the Naked Truth and Dr Martha Tara Lee, Singapore’s first Clinical Sexologist.

Unlike the popular mantra of “just be happy at whatever weight you are”, the book consists of various ideas and unique experiences from the interviewees that gives insight that everyone faces body image issues at some point in their lives and why it is important to be patient and happy with ourselves.

As mentioned by the late Elsa Lim, who was a life and career coach, “This is a book that celebrates REAL women and not the stick-thin glamourised version of womanhood pedalled by social media or the fashion and entertainment industries. Melissa has peeled away the facade of ‘false glamour’ by interviewing celebrities, models and beauty queens who openly share their self-hatred. All women should read this book and love themselves and their bodies wholeheartedly!”

All the interviews are inspirational reads and will help to put this body image problem into perspective. “Building Body Confidence” can be purchase via Kindle at Hard copies are also available by sending us an email at [email protected].

Life is Meaningless

The title seems bleak but “Life is Meaningless” is meant to be the opposite. Conceptualised by the founder Michelle Lam and written with her team from The Little Black Book (TLBB), a local home-grown SME, the launch of their first book became an outlet to share their woes and throes while also finding meaning in their work and existence.

“Life is Meaningless” serves as an uplifting guide and compass for those seeking direction in life, riding on the theme of motivation and improving one’s well-being. Whilst navigating through the pandemic and figuring out the meaning of life under crazy new norms, the TLBB family reckons that instead of denying that there is a point to existence, the purpose and meaning of your life is up to you to invent.

This quirky and beautifully-illustrated book will inspire one to change their perspective and take charge of their own happiness.

You can add it to your bookshelf or give it to a friend by purchasing it online at

Letter to My Mother

Many songs and stories have been written about how important mothers are to their children. But what story would you tell if you put pen to paper?

Perhaps things you had learned from her that made you who you are today. Perhaps express your gratitude for the sacrifices she had made for you. Or perhaps matters left unresolved that have since become a thorn in your relationship.

Insightful and heart-wrenching, packed with poignant anecdotes. These letters testify to the nurturing love that mothers have for their children.

In this collection of mini-essays edited by award-winning author Felix Cheong, sons and daughters write letters to their mother about their relationships and articulate what has often not been expressed.

“Letter to My Mother” can be purchased online at

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