Lemons For Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer remains as one of the most worrying diseases that are mentioned constantly, for marches to charities that aim to help it, it’s something that a lot of women have to live with the knowledge of. Because of this, women have also grown accustomed to doing their own self-checking, in the off-chance that they might be developing something that could in turn lead to breast cancer. Doctors teach some methods for self-checking as well.

However, all they usually tell you is to feel for a lump, but that’s not where it all ends. Lumps aren’t the only sign of breast cancer and sometimes it can be hard to really gouge out how big they are of if they’re even in there. In fact, these lumps have actually been compared to lemon seeds in size (and breasts themselves have a similar shape and make-up to lemons).

And that’s where these dandy images, courtesy of the folks at World Wide Breast Cancer comes in. It’s been making the rounds and has become viral in almost no time, with the goal of showcasing the different telltale signs of breast cancer. This is more than just lumps too; it also showcases different types of indentations and popping veins.

Do remember, if you see any of those symptoms you should consult with your doctor immediately, also, make sure to check out more at World Wide Breast Cancer’s website for more information on this method and what to do.

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