5 Fun Family/Fitness Activities

In this digital age where we’re often on our smart devices, children are busy with video games and it may seem like we can’t live without our computers. That said, it is important to ditch these electronic devices aside and get active together as a family as explained in Melissa’s Table Top Talk on Digital Detox. After all, family fitness is important as it not only teaches children how to have a balanced lifestyle, it also encourages deeper bonding between parents and child. We do know that it is difficult to think of activities so here’s a list of 5 that you can enjoy as a family.


1. Go for pre/post dinner walks

Walking has been proven to be a healthy and easy exercise that both young and old can enjoy together. This is great fun especially if you have a dog. Otherwise, make it a game by asking the children to either “find the dogs” or “spot the number of red cars” while walking around your neighbourhood. If you’re into Pokémon Go, then it is also a chance to catch some Pokémons. Best benefit? Bonding together as a family as you would naturally chat about the day while it becomes a daily habit.

2. Have a disco night

This should be fun especially for younger children who love to move around and great idea for playdates. Move the coffee table and push the sofa aside, put on some tunes and boogie the night away! Even better, make it a really creative session by getting your children to design some disco costumes or make your own glittery disco ball. Get your friends and their children involved too so that it will also be a chance for socialisation for the adults too. This definitely family fitness is a fun and appealing way!

3. Make a game out of household chores

We call them household chores, but they don’t really have to be. Make it fun by playing with children’s imagination. Your kids could be superheroes who are saving the stove from toxic dirt or the mop is a secret weapon that will reveal treasures on the floor. Simple incentives would also help! For example, you can hide sweets under their pillows if they made their beds and say that it’s the cleaning fairy who is rewarding them for a job well done.

4. Walk or run in events

There are tons of marathons or runs happening in Singapore almost every month and some are perfect for family fitness activities. Sign up for them as a family, especially those for charity, so that you can do a sporting activity together as a family while also teaching them about giving back to society. There are also a lot of fun walks at 5km where you can also enjoy the view which you wouldn’t normally get since marathons are often organised on closed roads. Great way to catch some fresh air and build up stamina!

5. Console Fitness

Most people think that playing on the Wii or Xbox other consoles is not tiring nor will it give a workout. However, it has been proven during a recent Singapore Active Gaming event that doing sports via Wii does make participants break out in a sweat. In a good way, of course. Moreover, one doesn’t need to really know how to play the sport in order to have fun and exercise. This would also be a good way to introduce your children to a variety of sports which may pique their interest enough for them to do it in real life. Also, the competitive nature would also be a good topic of interest for long between parent, child and even siblings.

We have only listed 5 family fitness activities but we encourage you to exercise (yes, pun intended!) your creativity and expand on the above. Remember, a family that keeps fit together stays together!

Photo credits: Pixabay, Adobe Sparks and Xbox

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