Expert Views Episode 4: Kids Do Sports To Keep Fit, Adults Keep Fit To Do Sports

Just what is mobility fitness? A lot of adults tend to throw themselves into an exercise regime or sport without considering their lifestyle and as a result, they get injured and end up not being able to do the sports that they enjoy. We learn from Jerry Teo, co-founder and Managing Director of Pilates BodyTree, what mobility fitness is about and why it is important in keeping fit.

With 12 years of experience as a Pilates instructor, Jerry is well versed in helping adults ensure that they remain physically fit without injuring themselves. In this week’s video, Jerry also shows us a couple of easy exercises that we can do at home or even in the office, to improve our mobility and thus, ensure better strength and flexibility in our hips and shoulders.

Nevertheless, just like what Jerry mentioned, it is important that you seek professional advice before you embark on a new exercise regime because your current lifestyle (e.g. sedentary desk-bound job) may affect your mobility more than you think it would.


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