All I Want For Christmas Is…Body Confidence.

The festive season is fast approaching, and while we’re all busy shopping, trimming our trees and organising menus, a lot of us may be dreading that traditional family togetherness.

When families gather on an annual basis, these happy times quite often turn sour when some of those “outspoken” relatives make unnecessary, unneeded and most of the time, downright rude comments about your body.

This can make these family gatherings quite uncomfortable, especially when you’re feeling that your every movement is being scrutinised, judging you for reaching for an extra baked potato with an expression that queries, “Do you really think you need that, love?”


It might seem like a difficult task, but when someone has something negative to say about your appearance, do not let it get under your skin, ignore it. Water off a duck’s back.

Easier said than done, perhaps, given how hurtful negative comments from those you love can be, but it is entirely possible.

You are in control.

You do not have to take on board things that do not contribute to your happiness or your overall well being. Not if it’s from a friend or loved one, not if it’s from anyone.

If and when these negative comments arise, distract yourself. If you have a pet, go hang out with it, or even take it for a walk, take some photos of your family gathering, change the subject entirely. Lifting that shroud of negativity will be welcomed by all.


Not only that, it will help to not let those hurtful words sink in.

It seems that the holiday season brings about some serious nastiness, when, at the end of the day, we really should be focusing on the season. Spending time with loved ones, enjoying good food and good times should not trigger anxiety about one’s appearance.

Remember, you are your own person and you are in control of your own happiness. Yes, nasty comments from Aunty Joyce do sting, but you are so much more than your size, your shape or your weight.


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