5 Wellness Christmas Gift Inspiration

5 Wellness Christmas Gift Inspiration

Christmas is coming soon and are you stumped at what gifts to get for your loved ones? With everyone’s busy hectic lifestyles, why not give them wellness-related Christmas gifts to show them that not only do you love them, you also care about their health.

Here are our top 5 Wellness Christmas inspiration that suits both men and women…mostly.

1. Blooming Tea


Instead of the usual tea bags or tea leaves, why not give them some Blooming Tea? We love these gorgeous teas and how they blossom in one’s tea cup or tea pot.

The Blooming Tea consists of a bundle of tea leaves all wrapped around one more dried flowers, all with the help of dried tea leaves that have been bundled together in order to keep them together. That’s not all, if you add in hot water you’ll be sure to see the true value of this tea come out. Once this is done the bundle of tea leaves begins to expand and split apart, simulating the sight of a flower blooming while the flower (or flowers) stand proudly in the middle.

Blooming Tea can be made with a variety of flowers and tea leaves such as Globe Amaranth, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Lily, Hibiscus, and Sweet Osmanthus. Here in our Wellness Shop, we provide a variety of Blooming Teas such as the Double Loveliness, Love at First Sight, Oriental Beauty and Sweet Blossom.

Tasty, relaxing and beautiful, the Blooming Tea isn’t just another drink; it’s a fine work of art. Nonetheless, if you want to give other sorts of tea, do check out the range of flower and herbal teas here.



2. FitBit

This is most suited for the fitness folks who also like tech but isn’t ready to bust out for a smartwatch. Fitbit offers a special set of watches designed specifically for helping with bettering people’s fitness. Whether that’d be tracking your steps as you run, sending your heartbeat or even keeping track of your sleep schedule, Fitbit is perfect for anyone that’s looking to try and increase their condition, especially when it can get hard to keep track of everything and stay motivated.

If you also have a Fitbit, you can be virtual gym buddies with your loved one as you challenge them through the Fitbit app. It’s definitely fun and interactive!

3. Hug In A Mug

hug in a mug

Hot chocolate is loved by one and all and add that slight personal touch with this gift that comes with not only the hot cocoa mix but also with a mug (hence the hug in a mug), mini marshmallows, peppermint candy and even caramel biscuits. Sure, it may not be super healthy but this is wellness for the soul and is perfect on a cold rainy day. Oh, and did we forget to mention that this is suitable for both men and women, young and old? Great for office parties or Secret Santa games too!

4. Spa In A Jar

spa in a jar

This is mainly an inspiration for men to get for their female loved ones. You can thank us 😉 Spa In A Jar contains everything to pamper ladies and give them a spa experience in their own homes after a long day at work. She’ll think of you each time she uses any of the products within the jar and perhaps even long after as the jar can be used to store other items!

5. Artisanal Nut Butters


We’re not talking about your normal peanut butter from the supermarkets. These artisanal nut butters are made from nuts such as cashew, macadamia and almonds. Why are they better than the humble peanut? Simple – fewer people are allergic to them and they make great snacks with less sugar and cholesterol while packing in loads of vitamins and nutrients.

We recommend Nuts About Butter with their range of nut butter mixes which tastes fantastic on toast and even on its own!


But that’s the beauty of Christmas shopping isn’t it? To find something that is perfect for everyone you care about but show just how much you care for them. We hope that you have gotten some inspiration and that this Christmas will be fun and healthy for you!

Photo Credits: Hi-Tea, FitBit, Nuts About Butter

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