How to Go On a Luxury Wellness Holiday

Dreaming of an escape that pampers both your body and soul, and you’ve got an open budget? Look no further! A luxury wellness holiday offers the perfect blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and indulgence, catering to your every need while helping you achieve a state of blissful well-being. Whether you crave serene spa retreats, invigorating fitness programmes, or gourmet healthy cuisine, planning a luxury wellness holiday can be your ticket to paradise. Join us as we explore how to transform your next getaway into a luxurious wellness experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and utterly spoiled.

Fly on a private jet with a wellness programme


Besides travelling in style, your wellness vacation can start even before you step on the tarmac. VistaJet has partnered with experts from every region of the world, operating in several disciplines.  You can have a pre-flight consultation on diet and flying routine so that the team’s nutritionist is able to advise and customise in-flight meals according to your health and lifestyle goals, dietary preferences and restrictions.

During the flight, the cabin is decked out with jet lag reducing technologies such as reduced cabin pressure and a quiet cabin with the option of closing off/ separating each living space for added privacy and lighting system that helps to synchronise your circadian rhythm to the time of your destination. There is a variety of in-flight apps, to herbal infusions, aromatherapy oils made by hand, hydrating skincare amenities and may other ways to help you feel refreshed when you arrive at your destination. Oh, and did we mention that they also provide Bowers & Wilkins noise cancelling headphones during the flight?

As the effects of the flight continue after landing, you can access post-flight wellness guides created by leading physician Dr Jordan Slain and his team at Private Medical, who provide tips and guidance for maintaining optimal well-being after flying. Guides include jet lag management and how to hydrate effectively after arrival.

If you have a specific wellness goal in mind (e.g. biohacking), then you can also choose a tailored itinerary through one of VistaJet’s trusted partners – which includes spending time and immersing in local communities, a full range of therapies and rituals or learning directly from the masters.

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Escape to a private resort in Asia

But of course, not everyone is able to travel on a private jet but that doesn’t meant that you can’t still have a luxe wellness retreat. Check out ÀNI Private Resorts’ new Summer Special Inclusions which offer an extensive range of generous and complimentary experiences as part of a stay. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world of exclusive experiences and curated activities for all ages. Dive into the ocean to achieve a PADI scuba diving certification, where vibrant corals, tropical fish, and majestic sea turtles can be encountered. Experience the rush of adrenaline as the perfect wave is caught during surfing lessons on picturesque beaches. Discover the awe-inspiring world of hornbill birds and their fascinating story. And when night falls, explore the wonders of astronomy under the starlit skies. In the true ÀNI spirit of indulgence, all these complimentary and time-limited experiences are part of the unrivalled luxury Inclusions for a limited time, for stays until 30 September 2024.

The luxury villas and suites provide consummate privacy and an elevated all-inclusive stay. Yes, we do mean all three meals per day. Guests can indulge in gourmet cuisine and savour local flavours while enjoying the company of family and friends. The fully staffed and serviced accommodations can cater to groups of up to 30 guests, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. Whether guests are grandparents creating precious memories with their grandchildren, children delighting in a wealth of fun activities, or parents seeking moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, custom-tailored itineraries with 10 additional activities at ÀNI Sri Lanka and 14 additional activities at ÀNI Thailand are designed to cater to everyone.

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Discover unmatched luxury wellness with RAKxa’s seasonal retreats

RAKxa Integrative Wellness, a leading integrative wellness destination in Thailand, unveils an exclusive series of seasonal Wellness Retreats at the idyllic Castelfalfi resort in Tuscany. Following the successful opening of RAKxa Wellness Spa at the Italian property in March 2024, these retreats promise a soul-enriching journey through Tuscany’s alluring seasons, commencing this summer with the “Optimal Fitness Retreat” from 23rd to 26th August 2024.

Each retreat is curated in harmony with the distinctive characteristics of the Tuscan seasons and meticulously designed around RAKxa’s five interconnected pillars of wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, Rest and Restorative Treatment. Specialists from RAKxa’s flagship retreat in Bangkok will lead wellness workshops, guiding guests towards their health goals using RAKxa’s holistic and integrative approach, now brought to the heart of Tuscany.

Guests will savour full-board wellness meals prepared with seasonal, organic ingredients that showcase Tuscany’s culinary heritage while adhering to RAKxa’s anti-inflammatory food philosophy. Highlights include a truffle hunting experience followed by a sumptuous truffle-themed lunch, offering a taste of authentic Tuscan cuisine. A Summer Wellness Cuisine workshop will equip guests with the skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home, featuring nutritious recipes that celebrate the season’s bountiful produce.

Guests who cannot join the special Summer Retreat will have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming seasonal retreats: the Autumn Special from October 18th to 21st, the Winter Retreat from November 29th to December 2nd, and the Spring Wellness Retreat from April 11th to 14th in the 2025 season. Each wellness retreat is crafted to immerse guests in the unique atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside as it changes with the seasons, offering an experience rich with seasonal colours, flavours, and activities that promote inner peace and a deep connection with nature’s beauty.

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Go on a retreat with tennis legend Maria Sharapova in Greece

Tennis legend and Aman Global Wellness Ambassador, Maria Sharapova will host a bespoke wellness retreat at Amanzoe, Greece. Taking place from 23-26 September 2024, the transformational three-night programme will focus onbuilding resilience through a combination of physical challenges and lessons in mental endurance. Set amongst the olive groves and Aegean vistas of Amanzoe’s hilltop location, the retreat is designed to help cultivate a strong mental foundation, find emotional balance and equip participants with the tools to navigate the demands of the everyday.

Maria built a legendary tennis career by honing the relationship between mindset and execution. Incorporating a holistic approach to mind and body performance led her to become a champion, and she brings this unique perspective and skillset to the retreat at Amanzoe.

Led by Maria and Amanzoe’s expert wellness team, against the serene backdrop of the Greek countryside, the programme is divided into three parts:

Understanding Mental Resilience
After an introduction from Maria and lunch, the first day starts with a guided meditation, focussed on cultivating inner strength and acceptance. A group discussion with Maria on her journey to towards mental resilience and approach to challenges follows, before a Hamman treatment or Anatripsis (soft tissue) therapy to cleanse and detoxify the body and mind.

Skills for Building Resilience
Day two begins with a group Pranayama breathwork and sound bath session and afterwards a healthy al-fresco breakfast in Amanzoe’s bostani garden. In the afternoon enjoy a hiking and outdoor strength workout, designed to develop stamina, and later, a mind and body agility session with Maria on the tennis court.

Resilience in Action
The day commences with group Trataka (candle-gazing meditation) at the Yoga Pavilion, followed by breakfast and a dynamic strength workout focussed on mobility with Amanzoe’s fitness instructors. Cellgym and contrast therapy follow in the afternoon, recommended to increase mental alertness, promote better sleep, and facilitate recovery from physical and mental fatigue. The day closes with a tennis clinic from Maria, who will also host a dinner with the group that evening.

On the day of departure, a Pranayama session and sound bath finish out the programme and prepare the mind for the journey ahead.

All meals, in-room snacks and a curated Aman Essentials Wellness Kit (including an Aman Ocean Bottle, Maria’s favourite Aman Skincare products and essential oils) complement the retreat, which also includes ample free time to relax and enjoy Amanzoe’s tranquil setting.

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Go big on technology-led wellness

The new Wafaifo Resort Hoi An in Vietnam, which opens 1 September, has announced an ambitious three-stage health and spa rollout that will greatly enhance wellness, spa and medical options for tourists visiting Vietnam.

Guests at the new 134-room and suite lifestyle resort can use the Wellness at Wafaifo facility to receive a detailed health diagnostic report using epigenetic testing. In the process, hair follicles are analysed by an S-drive computer which connects to a laboratory in Germany. Within minutes, guests receive a detailed 30-plus page report which assesses 800 personal markers.

The resulting information and scores are presented in graph form and linked to reports on the guest’s gut, circulatory and immune systems. Items are classified as “priority”, “advisory”, or “consider”. A medical consultant at the centre will go through the results with the guest.

Beyond epigenetic testing, the new wellness centre in the resort will help guests and patients slow the ageing process, improve concentration, increase energy and stamina and assist recovery from jet lag and stress by offering sessions in AirPod hyperbaric chambers. Exposure in the chambers to heightened levels of oxygen and hydrogen nurtures every healing process in the body.

Infrared saunas will help lower blood pressure and help detoxification and weight loss. Hygienic, electronically controlled ice baths will also reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, flush toxins and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Guests can also benefit from a Nu Calm sleep and restoration experience in their room by using a headset, eye mask and specially-designed ‘anti-gravity’ chair to induce a meditative state of wellbeing and deep relaxation.

On opening in September, Wellness at Wafaifo will have the most advanced gym in the Unesco heritage city of Hoi An. Personal fitness consultants, trained on the Precor gym equipment used in the centre, will help guests achieve maximum benefits.

In addition to world-class gym equipment and technology-led health diagnostics and interventions, Wafaifo Resort has announced a partnership with Kerstin Florian for body treatments and facials, and with Margaret Dabbs of London for luxury manicures and pedicures.

The resort is putting together a team of doctors, nurses, healers and trainers to build personalised wellness programmes for each individual using the facility.

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