Check out Flavours of Tomorrow Festival, Singapore’s First Alternative Food Festival

Flavours of Tomorrow Festival is redefining food by pushing the boundaries of Singaporeans’ gastronomic journey through the first-of-its-kind two-day food festival to be held on 20 and 21 January 2024 at Singapore Science Park. The festival will introduce a mouthwatering array of dishes that not only tantalise the senses but also drive a positive impact on the environment. Groundbreaking creations developed by the innovative minds of the local agritech, foodtech and food services industry will be showcased through an extensive list of activities including a sustainable food and retail market, engaging talks and workshops and many more.

Eggless Japanese Curry Mayo by Hegg

Flavours of Tomorrow Festival is a collaborative effort between CapitaLand’s Singapore Science Park, Innovate 360 and NUS Enterprise. Notable participating food companies include Shandi Global, Paan Kitchen, Kobashi, Oatside and Hegg.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Sustainable food and retail market: A market that showcases sustainable food products from participating partners and attendees will be able to purchase and try these products first-hand.

  • Educational engagements: Attendees can immerse in engaging talks and workshops led by experts in plant-based nutrition, alternative protein creation, culinary arts, and sustainability, and get a deeper understanding of the benefits of consuming plant-based and alternative proteins.

  • Lucky Draw extravaganza: Stand a chance to win exclusive culinary experiences, 2D1N hotel stays, vouchers, and other surprises!

NUS Enterprise is pleased to collaborate with Singapore Science Park on ‘Flavours of Tomorrow Festival’. As we continue to cultivate a vibrant deep tech ecosystem and community, this programme signifies our commitment to nurturing transformative solutions within the Foodtech sector. Through empowering start-ups and industry players, we aim to foster a resilient and sustainable future for global food systems,”

– Mr Brian Koh, Director of Ecosystem Development, NUS Enterprise.

Bringing sustainable food to the masses

The festival aims to break the inaccurate stereotypes that may exist among some, such as alternative proteins and meatless cuisine, which is mostly expensive, non-nutritive and unappetising. The festival partners and participating food companies will be curating an affordable menu exclusively for festival-goers that challenges these notions and aims to introduce a whole new cuisine to locals.

This is an important step towards moving Singapore towards a more sustainable food culture. With plant-based products typically costing 30% more and the limited ability to experiment with these products as they usually take the form of nuggets or patties, this presents a barrier for Singaporeans to transitioning to alternative protein or meatless cuisines. As such, there has been a 700% increase in the plant-based startup scene within the last 4 years and 60 alternative protein start-ups in Singapore currently, to address these barriers with the common goal of developing cheaper, sustainable and more nutritious food.

“The festival presents a vibrant melting pot of innovative entrepreneurs, each armed with their unique brand of deliciousness. These culinary trailblazers are championing sustainability like never before. They’re shaking up the industry, proving that you can have your cake and save the planet too. Join us in experiencing the excitement and creativity these startups bring to the forefront, as we collectively pave the way for a more sustainable and flavourful future,” said Sean Mak, Chief Operating Officer of Innovate 360.

Fostering sustainability, innovation and collaboration for global food security

The signs are that change is happening with Singaporeans showing love for plant-based food according to a recent study showing that the sustainable food trend has a 94% positive sentiment among Singapore consumers.

To ensure food security, the Singapore Food Agency is working towards the “30 by 30 goal;” so the agri-food sector in Singapore becomes more inventive, productive, and sustainable, with at least 30% of the country’s nutritional needs coming from sustainable local sources by 2030. This is where events like the Flavours of Tomorrow Festival come in to encourage sustainability and innovation for food security in the coming years.

As Singapore’s most established R&D and tech park, Singapore Science Park is dedicated to supporting companies in our ecosystem and facilitating progress in the wider science and tech community.  We are thus delighted to host the inaugural Flavours of Tomorrow Festival, connecting champions of Singapore’s sustainable food industry with one another and introducing their innovations to the public. By showcasing and promoting the local agritech, foodtech, and food services industries, we hope to encourage the wider consumption of sustainable food sources that will contribute towards building a more resilient food future for Singapore,”

– Mr Tan Yew Chin, Chief Executive Officer of CapitaLand Development Singapore

The Flavours of Tomorrow Festival is set to take place on the 20th and 21st of January 2024 between 10am – 8pm, at Teletech Park, Singapore Science Park 2, 20 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117674.

More information about the Flavours of Tomorrow Festival can be found here.

Images: Flavours of Tomorrow Festival, Hegg

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