All Citizens Underwear Has Ruined All Underwear For Me

You might have heard of silver used in disinfectant sprays. Or even silver mixed in pet shampoo. But picture this: Silver in your underwear.

And not just any silver.

Silver that has long been used in the making of spacesuits because of its antibacterial properties. After all, how often can astronauts take a shower in space?

Enter the Apex III Boxer Briefs by All Citizens, the most advanced series of boxer briefs ever built. Designed with spacesuit-grade silver, the Apex III kills 99.9% of bacteria and combats odour in the genital area for three straight days – OK, admittedly that sounds a little gross, but one can never be over-prepared, right?

In addition to the silver, the Apex III also boasts other features such as:

  • Patent-pending Paradise Pocket, which promises a streamlined fit that gently caresses the family jewels while separating the twigs and berries from the thighs, removing skin-on-skin contact between the thighs and awkward wedgies for good
  • Patent-pending Faraday Cage to protect sperm virility, by blocking off electromagnetic waves emitted from phones and other electronic devices.
  • Enhanced by Power Grip technology used in high-end cycling apparel, the Apex III also boasts a laser-cut, wide-leg gripper lined with soft silicone for fuller support, to ensure zero ride-ups on the thighs.
  • Embedded Mesh Breathe Zones for all-round ventilation, breathability and maximum comfort

Featured as one of the best men’s underwear brands globally by Men’s Health, Business Insider and Forbes, I got curious and managed to get a pair of Apex III to try and find out why All Citizens has received such success and whether the underwear is really as good as marketed.

The Paradise Pocket really is paradise

Let’s first wax lyrical about the patent-pending Paradise Pocket III. I never knew that something as simple as underwear can hold so much tech and design. I really love this pocket (I’m sure most penis-owners would) and it really delivers what it promises. Firstly, the family jewels felt supported throughout the day and because they were separated from the thighs, there was no chafing while walking, thus making it super comfortable. I also found that with the pocket, it was unnecessary to shift things around as the twig and berries no longer stick to the thighs nor swing around while walking or running. This feature is very much appreciated when out for the whole day or when exercising.

The pocket is well designed such that there is an opening in the front such that one will have easy access when going to the toilet. I do love well thought through design!

Power Grip technology for a snug fit

Besides the Paradise Pocket, one thing that I realised immediately upon wearing the Apex III was how snug it was and how there was a grip around the thighs. This is due to the Power Grip technology used in high-end cycling apparel and the wide-leg gripper really ensures that there are no ride-ups on the thigh. Once again, great when wearing it for the whole day as there is no need to make any awkward adjustments while walking to prevent any awkward wedgies. However, the downside is that this feature does mean that removing the briefs are a little harder than usual. I also can’t help but wonder about how long the elasticity of the gripper will last but considering that it is lined with soft silicone, perhaps it will last longer than the usual rubber elastic. Nonetheless, those issues mentioned earlier are a small price to pay for the overall comfort of the underwear.

Embedded Mesh Breathe Zones for better ventilation

Breathability and ventilation aren’t the usual features I would look out for in a pair of underwear but I did realise that when I have been out the whole day, my back and legs would be sweaty and sticky but the area covered by the Apex III was not. For this feature alone, the Apex is definitely my choice of underwear whenever I decide to exercise or go for long walks, and I can imagine how versatile it can be as you transition from work to the gym. Coupled with the pocket feature, the Apex III is really at the top of the competition for performance-based underwear. I didn’t really test out the claim about combating bacteria and odour for three straight days but I’ll take their word for it.


And for the environmentalists, you’d be glad to know that each pair of boxer briefs is knitted from yarn made from two recycled plastic bottles and thus uses 90% less water and 80% less carbon emissions compared to virgin fabric.

In terms of price, Apex III is half the price of other anti-radiation performance underwear and is relatively affordable at S$44/pair. It is still a bit pricey for me personally but based on the points above, Apex III has really spoilt me for other underwear brands and I wouldn’t mind shelling out that money for at least three pairs in my wardrobe. If I have any complaints, it would be that the Apex III only comes in three colours…but I hope that there will be more patterns and colours coming soon!

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Images: All Citizens

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